Mathoms Tables Will Be Available

Or Free Will exchange tables. Being fen, we all have "stuff" cluttering up the abode. Here is a chance to get rid of some of it and probably find something else to take home. You bring things and put them on the table. Other people go through the tables at their leisure and take what they find interesting. You don't have to worry about retrieving it at the end of the convention, the con will clear the tables and will take the remaining items to the Good Will.

This is for small to medium sized articles, so bring your media, crafting supplies, left over computer parts, puzzles, old decanters, old convention T-shirts, office supplies, that old thing that you just don't get around to doing something with. Just about anything. Someone else just might have a use for it.

"Mathoms was an old word of the hobbit-dialect, not recorded as being in use outside the Shire. It was used to refer to 'trinkets' or any item that had no particular immediate use."