Minicon members can look forward to a weekend of concerts from geek-oriented bands playing folk, filk, rock, comedy music, and many other genres.

On Friday and Saturday nights, bring your voice and your instrument to participate in open music circles - or just drop by to listen and enjoy.

If you would like to perform at Minicon 56 as part of the music track, moderate a music circle, or facilitate some other form of music-oriented programming, contact Beth Kinderman at .

Bands appearing at Minicon 56

Dave Stagner

You don't know what will happen when Dave plays. He doesn't, either. It may be serious, country-flavored meditations on death. Or comedy filks. Or subtle acoustic instrumentals. Or jamming with a friend or two over classic rock covers. Who knows? Setlists are... optional.

Nate Bucklin

Nate Bucklin and his music are difficult to summarize in just a few words. It is understandable that past Minicon blurbs merely stated, "After five [six now] decades of making, writing and sharing music, the greater part of it in the Twin Cities, there can't be many reading this who don't already know Nate's music. If you are one of those, you are in for a treat.

The Leprechaun Pirates

The Leprechaun Pirates formed in 2015 as a Fest Band to play Live Music and have been performing professionally at festivals, community events, and winery shows since 2016. They have recorded two albums with an eclectic mix of original Myth Punk, Celtic Punk, Americana, and Traditional tunes with more in the works. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is their home away from home. Check them out on YouTube and at


Riverfolk is the folk duo of Becca Leathers and Chas Somdahl (Minicon 46 Musician Guest of Honor). Their beautiful harmonies, memorable songs, and intricate guitar work have graced many a Minicon stage in years past. Join them for musical magic!

Last Saturday Filkers

The Last Saturday Filkers are a small bardic circle who meet each month to share in the traditional music of science fiction fandom. Much of filk music consists of skiffy lyrics set to familiar tunes; it can also be original narrative music or silly songs. Audience participation is welcomed and lyric sheets will be provided, so come hear some classics and join in song!

Teresa Chandler

Teresa Chandler identifies as genre fluid, playing any kind of music that speaks to her heart. She writes fearless songs about love, hope, loss, and the resilience of our human connection, and funny songs about what we long for and what we could do without. Her favorite venues are small, intimate places where the audience sits close and leans in to share laughter and catch those sweet musical moments before they disappear into thin air.

Peggy O'Neill

Peggy has spent over 30 years songwriting and performing. She is known for her beautiful voice and mixing together driving visions and hopeful dreams with a bit of Blues, Jazz, Contemporary Folk and a lot of heart.

Adam Stemple

Adam Stemple first played music in Minnesota in 1987 at Minicon 22. He was music Guest of Honor at Minicon 50. In between, he's played in a lot of bands, won some awards, and lost all his hair.

Versatile Fluff

Want to hear gender-neutral love songs that can span multiverses or survive the zombie apocalypse? Songs based on internet memes? New takes on Star Trek themes and video game music? Do you just love harmonica and folk-punk guitar? Come listen!

Graham Leathers

Graham Leathers is a battle-hardened veteran of the stage and airwaves. He writes, performs, and records his own novelty songs ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. His song "Chocolate Is A Vegetable" won a Pegasus Award for excellence in filk music in 2017. Becca Leathers will be joining him on stage to add some extra flair.

Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters

If Lilith Fair booked a progressive rock band, it would sound like Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters. They perform original, filk-influenced folk-prog songs about myth, transformation, and video game characters who won't sleep with you. Their concert will feature music from their upcoming album, "Sisyphus (ten songs about hope)." For more information: and

A band on stage at Minicon