Minicon is 100% volunteer run! We have no paid staff. In fact, staff are so equal to all other members that they pay the same membership fees as non-staff. Even the con chairs are paying members of the con.

You can volunteer for Minicon in several ways:

Before the con

We'd love help planning and organizing Minicon. Contact .

During the con

We'd love help running the con on site. Contact .

We can tell you what to do

We have tasks we've thought of that we can match you to. Let us know if you're looking to do work before or during the con, and whether you want something that's more manual labor (say, loading up the truck to come to the con, food prep at con, etc.), social (perhaps staffing the registration desk at con), or technical/organizational (maybe helping with A/V).

You can tell us what you want to do

Things happen at Minicon because someone wants them to happen, and steps up to do it. Have you wondered why, at Minicon, "they" don't have a [something] in the [something] room, or no [somethings] for [something]? It's probably not because we're against it, but because no one has volunteered to do that [something]. Get in touch and "they" can become "you". Write to , or show up at any concom meeting, which are listed on the calendar at mnstf.org.