Consuite is the suite for Convention Members to pick up refreshments / sustenance and hang out. We can't provide your RDA's worth of nutrients for the whole weekend, nor alcohol. You CAN expect to find Peeps, continental breakfast, coffee, soda pop, chips and chocolate. There will be nuts & peanut butter. We will have carbs, hard boiled eggs, and a tuna-time.

We will open Friday, late afternoon and not close until after closing ceremonies.

We have a new location on the 2nd floor! When you get off the elevator, go the OTHER way.

soda machine

Con Bar

The con bar is social space with alcohol open each evening. It's on the 2nd floor overlooking the atrium, down the hall from registration. Stop on by.

The Bar will return as per Minicon tradition. We will be supplying an assortment of beer, cider, wine, homebrew, and of course...Blog!

Feel free to bring something to share; donations are always welcome (yes...even you, Malört).

Not into apologies and regret? No problem! There will be a few non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails available as well.

Check the Program schedule for tastings and other special events happening in the bar throughout the convention.