Minicon 57 will have a massive amount of space available for tabletop gaming! We'll have:

  • The main gaming room, a large hotel function room where games can be played and also left securely after hours. We haven't precisely defined the hours, but expect it to be open very late each night.
  • The secondary gaming room, which is the ground level of the hotel atrium, outside the hotel restaurant, adjacent to the pool and underlooking the party rooms. The secondary gaming room will most likely be available Thursday night through Saturday night and then close so the hotel can do its Easter brunch.
  • The overflow gaming room, the hotel's "upper atrium", or as we call it, the "superman space", because it's shaped like the S-shield on Superman's chest. This is directly under the con bar, overlooking the pool. Unfortunately it is a non-ADA-compliant space only reachable by stairs.

Each space will always be available for pickup games while it is open.

If you would like to run an organized game at a defined time, we can set aside a table for the event and list it in the schedule. Please contact to express interest in running such an event.

gaming room sign