Science Room

We are transforming science fiction into science fact!

Visit the Science Room to view and interact with science exhibits which can and have included:

  • International Space Station Updates (including an up-to-date 1:144 scale model)
  • Chinese Tiangong Space Station
  • Hands-on 3D Star Maps, 3D Maps of Mars and the Moon
  • Information on astronomical observatories in MN that you can visit
  • Historic & futuristic models of spacecraft and rockets
  • Models based on popular sci fi shows, movies & books
  • Scale Bas Relief Moon Globe

Science exhibits are brought to Minicon, courtesy of these groups:

MN Space Frontier Society

Mars Society

Moon Society

National Space Society

MN Astronomical Society

NASA Glenn Research Center

Jeffrey A Claussen

David Buth

Science room head Ben Huset in front of bas relief Moon

Minnesota Astronomical Society display