Not-Anokon 2

Not-Anokon 2 was a Minnstf fallcon, held 25–27 September 1981.

Documents from, and references to, this con are seriously hard to find, but we know the dates because DD-B took pictures there (see below) and dated them at the time.


The Holiday Inn Capitol, St. Paul. This information had been lost, then hazily remembered, then confirmed in 2022 by DD-B, who says that it clearly says so on his contemporaneous notes for a roll of film he shot there.


Here are a couple that we have in the archives:

Not-Anokon 2 badge: A flying saucer that says 'Not Anokon II' and a cactus pointing
    the way to Not Anoka. Handwritten 'Dave' [Romm]. Not-Anokon 2 badge: A robot with a sign that says 'NOT ANOKA'. Handwritten 'Denny Lien'

And here's one extracted from two photos of DD-B's (see below):

Not-Anokon 2 badge: A robot with a flag that says 'Not Anokon II' 
    Handwritten 'Reen Brust'.


DD-B has a photo gallery for Not-Anokon 2 and FANPA has some more of his pictures from it. From them, you can see another example of the badge above, plus at least one other variety.