Plergbcon was a Minn-stf fallcon held 10–12 September 1982 at the Ramada Inn of St. Paul. The guests of honor were Pat Wrede (pro), Kevin (Kev) Smith (fan; TAFF winner), and Peter Touluzzi (fan; DUFF winner).


Joyce Scrivner chaired it. From 2012–2020, we listed Bob Shaw as the GoH and Bandana Square as the hotel, because she said to us in 2012:

Plergbcon was held at Bandana Square hotel […]

Mark Richards involved (registration? hotel?) I think I had two others as well. (con suite? programming?)

I conned a friend to help with the consuite (upstairs) and we had problems getting the beer kegs there.

Features of it (and some of these I can document):

  • Bob Shaw was Guest of Honor — he brought his wife Sadie as well
  • Denny Lien was in charge of a beer tasting (for the above). Somewhere I have voting results of it
  • We had TAFF winner Kevin Smith
  • We had DUFF winner Peter Touluzzi
  • Dave Romm led a massage session for the three above (I believe I helped carry Kevin into it)

"Plergb" is/was a Tom Digby/Minneapa/Mike Wood term. I'm sure there are con reports that showed up in Minneapa. Information can be found [here and here].

This seems to be a combination of memories of Plergbcon and Not-Anokon 8 (if that really is its name). No contemporary papers give Bob Shaw as GoH for Plergbcon, but they do confirm that he was at Not-Anokon 8. Likewise, Plergbcon papers say the hotel was the Ramada Inn, and Not-Anokon 8 materials confirm it was at Bandana Square. Joyce did chair Plergbcon. We don't have any papers that say who chaired Not-Anokon 8, but maybe it was also Joyce.


Small image of Plerbgcon pr1 back/inside. Here's its first progress report, or at least we think that's what it is, since it references a second. And here's a text-only transcription of it.


Here's what we presume is a Plergbcon badge. It was found with other fallcon badges, but otherwise, we're just going off the "plergb".

Plergbcon badge: a spaceship saying 'plergb!', some stars and moons and another spaceship/zeppelin/bug/bird thing.  In marker, 'Dave'.