Minn-StF Board Meeting, May 25 2001

Location: Scott Raun's

In Attendance: Dean Gahlon, Sharon Kahn, Larry Sanderson, Scott Raun, Martin Schafer

Old Minutes

Discussion of Dean's copy of old minutes

Discussion of OTML

Dean to bug people - Corwin, Fred, Larry, Carol, and Reen. Larry will contact Fred with 'yes, we know' message.

Discussion of M37

We'd really like to see an announcement that a public meeting will be happening.

Posting of information to Minnstf Web Page

Sharon will cause by-laws to be posted, and check re: board minutes. Nice if Laurel as recording secretary could post stuff on the Minn-StF website.

Scott will get wording of amendment to Sharon

(The wording is: "Voting eligibility consists of attending 7 previously eligible meetings during the year, of which at least 3 must be official Minn-Stf meetings.")

Taxes and accountant

Larry contacted Judy. We filed a 2000 extension. We never filed 1999 taxes. Dean & Scott both recall Geri & Linda contacting Judy asking "Have we given you complete data?"

Do we want to find a new accountant? We want to at least investigate it. Dean recalls getting Judy on a recommendation from Lynn Litterer.

Scott to contact Susan Levy Haskell - do her non-profit contacts have any recommendations for an accountant?

Larry e-mailed DD-B & Peer re: missing data that Judy needs.

Parties and expenses

Long discussion of party subsidization. Up to 2000 for MilPhil, 200 for standard - Convergence, Diversicon, Asst other cons. Entertain bids / whatever for other big Minn-StF events on a per quarter basis. Events like the New Year's Eve Party or the Pool Party.


Supporting Rick & Fallcon: spoilage concern, general disorganization. Make list of concerns before official sponsor. Additional concern is more help in advance.

Sharon will follow up with Rick.


Corwin minutes? We don't know. Martin to contact Corwin.

Next board meeting moved to 15 June.