Minn-StF Board Meeting, November 12 2001

Location: Scott Raun's

In Attendance: Dean Gahlon, Scott Raun, Larry Sanderson, Laurel Krahn

Re: Geri's copy-printer request

Yes, but the costs to Minicon last year were a one-shot. We recall the "real" numbers being ~.03 & .50. Scott to send a reply.

Minicon discussion

From what Laurel knows, no significant progress has been made on getting PR1 out.

When do we declare Erik has bitten off more than he can chew? And what can we do about it?

Scott will follow up with Erik on Thursday if we haven't heard from him.

Pool party

Scott is trying to contact Jolene Hawkins about a 15 December date for a pool party.

OTML and registration

Dean has upgraded his Windows FilemakerPro to 5.5, but can't upgrade his Mac - the Mac OS he's running is too old.

Future Minicons

Sharon - how's the hotel search doing?

Taxes and accountant

Larry needs to send an e-mail to the accountant.


Scott promised to have word about contacting the non-profit umbrella group by Saturday the 17th. We discussed appointing Laurel as Minn-StF Webmaster - there was much silliness in the exact details. We approved paying for a copy of Dreamweaver for Laurel for doing the job. Scott is to officially inform DD-B.