ReinCONation 6 -- Final Report

October 18-20, 1996
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our Honored Guests:

Spider & Jeanne Robinson

Writers, Musicians, and Party Animals

Jan Bogstad

Co-founder of Wiscon and JANUS

Guests of Honor

ReinCONation 6 was pleased to welcome Spider and Jeanne Robinson and Jan Bogstad as our Guests of Honor in 1996.

Spider has been writing science fiction for over 20 years, and is the creator of the popular "Callahan's Bar" series, as well as novels such as Mindkiller and Telempath. He and Jeanne, a former dancer and choreographer, have collaborated on the Stardance series. They both sing wonderfully and Spider plays a mean guitar.

Jan has been involved in Madison fandom since its beginnings in the mid-70's, helped start Wiscon, and co-edited JANUS. More recently, she attended the International Women's Conference in Beijing last year. She was the director of the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) annual conference this year.


ReinCONation 6 featured Nancy McClure's innovative program book -- pocket-sized yet complete with full schedule, GoH biographies, and other fun stuff. We present the text here, but unfortunately there is as yet no way to make your web browser fold itself into a parallelogram with progressively larger pages. You'll just have to use your imagination.

In addition to the official program, the Fourth Annual Fabulous ReinCONation Cabaret was held Saturday night, and featured wonderful performances by Spider Robinson, Reed Waller, Elise Mattheson, Nate Bucklin, Barb Jensen & David Emerson, Terry Garey, and special surprise guest Bruce Glassco, who brought down the house with his frenetic 5-minute version of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".

Art Show & Dealers' Room

Our local area Artists Support Group was proud to present the First Original Tacky Art Exhibit. Giovanna Fregni submitted at big-eyed Klingon child on black velvet. Ken Fletcher portrayed our Guests of Honor by sculpting their heads in butter (although the resulting artifact seemed to have succumbed rather extremely to the non-refrigerated environment). And what could be tackier than a unicorn? Based on a concept by Terry Garey, Giovanna constructed a full-sized unicorn head -- a punk unicorn, with tattoos and piercings and black leather.


The Con Suite included many elements you've come to know and appreciate:

Your Parties Head-Hosts for ReinCONation 6 were Betsy and Ishmael. If you liked the ConSuite, please be sure to let them know. If you didn't like it, please be sure to let them know what could have been better.

This year, the fannish ghod Roscoe watched over the Con Suite with his beneficent presence. Fresh from his acclaimed appearance at the 1996 Worldcon's Fan Lounge, Roscoe was brought to us by Geri Sullivan, who mounted two special features on the wall of the Con Suite: one, a life-size color illustation of the Blessed Beaver himself, complete with propeller beanie and mimeo stylus, rendered magnificently by the esteemed Stu Shiffman; and second, a handsomely calligraphed reproduction of Art Rapp's "The Book of Roscoe", in verse form, which let all assembled know the nature of this trufan's deity, and encouraged everyone to "inscribe their names upon the Roscoe Honor Roll" (dutifully provided beneath the Shiffman illo nearby).

The Minnesota Munchie Movement made its long-awaited return to the local convention scene at ReinCONation 6. Late nights in the lounge down the hall from the Con Suite, Rick Gellman and his crew assembled taco makings and other real-food items. Interviewed after the con, Gellman expressed the view that this event was only a toe-in-the-water effort compared to what could be done with more helpers and a larger budget. He promised great things for Minicon 32 and for the next ReinCONation.

Kudos are due to Jim Minz for hosting a TOR party on Saturday night. It was generally deemed to be a smashing success. Thanks, Jim!

Another highlight of the party scene was the Sunday afternoon Beatles jam in the smoking side of the Con Suite. Spider Robinson led the festivities, with David Emerson on electric piano ("think of it as an 88-string guitar" -- Tom Lehrer) and many others on acoustic guitars. It would have gone on for hours, if not for Spider & Jeanne's imminent plane flight. As it was, all in attendance seemed to have a rousing good time.


Chair: David Emerson (
Art Show & Huckster Room: Giovanna Fregni
Registration: Steve Glennon (email expired)
Hotel Liaison: Kris Spiesz (
Parties: Ishmael Williams ( and Betsy Lundsten (
Publications: Nancy McClure ( and Kate Carey (
GoH Liaison: Hilary Posner
Program: Eric Heideman and Margo Bratton (
Advisory Board: Kay Drache, Barb Jensen, Martin Schafer, Geri Sullivan

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