Not a Hoax! Not a Dream! Not an Imaginary Story! It was...


October 24-26, 1997

Here's what some fans had to say about Not-A-ReinCONation:

Neil Rest: "You don't know how much I needed this weekend!"

Susan Levy Haskell: "Not-A-ReinCONation was a delight! My only regrets are that I spent too little time at it. We should do this three or four times a year."

Dave Romm took some photos.

Take a look at the letter of appreciation that Moshe Yudkowsky sent to Geri Sullivan.

David Emerson: "Not-A-ReinCONation went swimmingly. Everybody seemed to have a great time. More than one person said they like it better than "real" ReinCONation (they must be fakefans!).

"Out-of-towners who showed up included Reed & JJ Waller up from New Richland, MN; Chicagoans Neil Rest, Moshe Yudkowsky, Jack Targonski, Cally Soukop, Karen Babich, Nigel Rowe; Nigel's friend Tom Cardy all the way from New Zealand; Zane Melder from New Orleans (who set up a virtual huckster room -- i.e. photos of his dealer table); Ben Yalow from New York, here to do some serious smoffing; and, winning the longest-distance-to-come-for-no-reason-but-NotAReinCONation award, Ctein (Bay Area, California). And Don Fitch couldn't make it but sent in money for a supporting non-membership.

"We had about 55 people at our house Friday night. I don't have the numbers on the other gatherings, but Toad Hall was pretty crowded for the collation, and there were between 50 and 60 people at Dim Sum on Sunday. Also well-received by the few who went was the Corn Maze expedition on Sunday afternoon. Dreamhaven was glad to have us; Elizabeth said they made back their refreshments expenses in the first transaction of the day."

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