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By e-mail

During the convention, most of us will not be checking our e-mail. Or, if we are, we are still unlikely to see your message in time for it to be useful. Please find us around the hotel instead. If you need a particular person, ask at registration or in the consuite.

Minicon 46 is over and these addresses will likely not be valid much after May 2011.

All addresses are

  • Chair (Kevin Austin and Joel Phillips): chair@
  • Art Show: artshow@
  • Costuming: costuming@
  • Dealers: dealers@
  • Film Room: filmroom@
  • Gaming: gaming@
  • Music: music@
  • Parties: parties@
  • Programming: programming@
  • Publications: publications@
  • Registration: registration@
  • Volunteering: volunteers@
  • Webmaster: webmaster@
  • All other inquiries: request@

By LiveJournal

There is a LiveJournal community for Minicon (comments and conversation before, during, and after the convention) at, and there is also a mnstf LJ community.

By snail mail

Minicon 46
P.O. Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Registered Member List

To see if you're registered, check the list at the bottom of the registration page. This contains all of the registered members who wanted their name displayed in the list.
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Cluemeister's Corner

A new feature for Minicon 46! Try your hand at monthly puzzles created by the mind behind the Minicon Medallion Hunt... and get an edge when Minicon begins!
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Meet fun people, make new friends

Minicon wouldn't work without volunteers. Consider helping out--badging, consuite, art show, registration--volunteers have more fun!
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See the programming grid

Our schedule is complete! Browse the panels and plan your Minicon weekend.
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Hosting Room Parties for Minicon at other Cons

Check this Word doc if you're hosting a room party for Minicon at another con to see if and how you can be reimbursed for your expenses. Use this form for reimbursement.
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Follow us on twitter

Get the absolute very latest up-to-the-minute information on twitter.
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Are you an artist?

Enter your art in the art show! Come play (or watch) "Who's Sketch Is It, Anyway?", an improv sketching panel full of fun and art. And come to the Art Show Grand Opening party just before the opening ceremony.
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