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Registration Pricing

Pre-registration is now closed, but you can still purchase a membership at the door.

Adult at-the-door registration: $60.00
Student (13-20) at-the-door registration: $35.00
Child (6-12) at-the-door registration: $20.00
One-day registration, Friday (Fri. 10 a.m. to Sat. 10 a.m.): $30.00
One-day registration, Sat. (Sat. 10 a.m. to Sun. 10 a.m.): $40.00
One-day registration, Sunday (Sun. 10 a.m. to closing): $25.00
Upgrade of Supporting registration to Attending: $40.00
Replacement of lost badge: $1.00
New badge to replace incorrect badge (our fault; no charge)
Transfer of membership (no charge)

Adult Attending Membership

  • $40 until 31 July 2010
  • $45 until 31 March 2011
  • $60 at the door

Student Attending Membership (13-20)

  • $25 until 31 July 2010
  • $30 until 31 March 2011
  • $35 at the door

Kid Attending Membership (6-12)

  • Always $20

Children 0-5

  • Free and needn't be registered. However, if you'd like a pre-printed badge, you can register here for $0.01.

Supporting Membership

  • $15
  • Upgradable to full membership at the door for an additional $40

Registration FAQ

What's a supporting membership, exactly?

Supporting memberships are inexpensive memberships that do not confer the right to attend the convention. They play three roles:

  1. They are a way of contributing a bit of cash to the convention because you like us and would like to see us succeed (thanks!). We will thank you by listing you on our members page (unless you ask us not to, of course).
  2. They are a way of hedging your bets if you're not sure whether you (or a friend) can make it. Supporting memberships can be converted to full attending memberships for an additional cost such that the total that you pay is greater than any full pre-reg rate, but less than the at-the-door rate.
  3. They keep you active on our mailing list. If you can't make it to Minicon for several years running but want to make sure you keep getting our progress reports, this is one way to accomplish that.

Are memberships transferable?

Yes! You can change the name on a membership by e-mailing registration@minicon46DOTmnstfDOTorg or when you arrive at the convention. So feel free to buy several even if you don't know which of your friends you're going to sell/give them to.

In order to get the right name on your badge, please send changes by the last pre-registration deadline (March 31). Don't e-mail registration in the week leading up to the convention; we will probably be too busy to respond. If you suddenly can't make it and need to transfer your membership at the last minute, please call the hotel during the convention (meaning, in this case, Thursday-Sunday) and ask to speak to Minicon registration or a Minicon chairperson.

What restrictions are there on badge names?

Please limit badge names to characters that can reasonably be expected to print correctly from a modern American computer with nothing special installed on it. This means that all ASCII characters are ok, things like Greek letters and mundane mathematical symbols are probably ok, arbitrary selections of Unicode are probably not, and Klingon is right out. (You can always leave it blank on your form and write on your badge with a marker!)

Obviously we reserve the right to not print anything we think is going to offend a large number of people, but we don't really expect this to come up.

Do I have to give you all that personal information (e-mail address, phone number, etc.)?

No, not really. We like to be able to contact you in case there is a question about your registration and so that we can send you convention progress reports and so forth. So it would be nice if you gave us either a postal or e-mail address. (Just a phone number will work for questions about your registration, but not progress reports.) However, all that we absolutely require for you to register is some sort of way of telling who you are when you show up to claim your badge. So if you give us no contact information, you at least need to give a name/badge name combination that is definitely unique. Blank registrations under "Mike Larson" are a bit risky, but blank registrations under "Mike Larson", badge name "Bleeknob the Undestroyable" are fairly safe.

What exactly do the age ranges mean?

They refer to how old you will be at the con. If your 6th/13th/21st birthday is during the con, you can take the lower rate. (For checking if you can drink, we will refer to your state-issued ID and not your membership type.)

Registered Members

  • Cezarija Abartis
  • Jonathan H Adams
  • Joseph E Agee
  • Gary P. Agin
  • Krikor Ajemian
  • Bruce Albrecht
  • Claire Alexander
  • Corwin Amyx
  • Lynn C. Anderson
  • Sahara Violet Anderson
  • Seven Anderson
  • Cheryl A. Arko
  • Carole L. Ashmore
  • Alexander Austin
  • Kevin G. Austin
  • Lisa G Bah
  • Dana M Baird
  • Benno Barthel
  • Paul Barthel
  • Terry Belcher
  • Mary L. Bertelson
  • Andrew A. Bertke
  • Sue A Blom
  • Ben Bova
  • Brianna Bowne
  • David Bowne
  • Kellen Bowne
  • Stephanie Bowne
  • Torin Bowne
  • Seth Breidbart
  • Lev Bronshteyn
  • J.J. Brutsman
  • Lois Spooner Bucklin
  • Charmaine Burgess
  • Judy Byers
  • David S. Cargo
  • Teresa Chandler
  • Bill Christ
  • Ceridwen A Christensen
  • Steven M. Christenson
  • Judie A.C. Cilcain
  • David A. Clement
  • Elizabeth Ann Clement
  • Kieran Cooley
  • Michael D Cooley
  • Karen Cooper
  • Margaret J Cooper
  • Haddayr Copley-Woods
  • Jerry Wayne Corwin
  • Ctein
  • Kathleen Culhane
  • Joshua K Culver
  • Jay R Curry
  • Sandy Darst
  • Corwin Miles Davidson
  • Howard L. Davidson
  • Christopher Davis
  • Neysa N Deiman
  • Anessa DeMers
  • Mara DeMers
  • Robert E. DeMers
  • Laura Domitz
  • Peer G. Dudda
  • David Dyer-Bennet
  • Penny H. Ebbitts
  • Beverly A Elmshauser
  • Matt Eppelheimer
  • Michelle Erdmann
  • Andy S. Exley
  • Nick L. Faller
  • Louis W. Fallert
  • Carol Ferraro
  • John Ferraro
  • Catherine Ferreira
  • Joseph M. Fishbein
  • Kristin Fogard
  • Ricky E. Foos
  • Eric Forste
  • Jogn L.M. Fortier
  • Michelle R Frank
  • Lisa C. Freitag
  • Beth Friedman
  • Liza Furr
  • Dean C Gahlon
  • John M. Gamble
  • Terry A. Garey
  • Eric Gilbertson
  • T. Ethan Glassel
  • Steve Glennon
  • Cliff Goldstein
  • Dan Goodman
  • Matthew Gress
  • Martin D Grider
  • David Gordon Gustafson
  • Steven L Halter
  • Doug Hamer
  • Christi Hansen
  • Clayton H Harris
  • Susan Hastings
  • Thomas C Havighurst
  • Melissa Hayes
  • Andrew Hickmott
  • Bill Higgins
  • Kelley Higgins
  • Samuel Hirte-Runtsch
  • Tanya Holthouse
  • Lewis Hotchkiss
  • Shari Hrdina
  • Becky A Huset
  • Ben Huset
  • David A Innes
  • Bob Jackson
  • Simon James
  • Scott K. Jamison
  • Noel Jarvis
  • Robert Jarvis
  • Barbara A Jensen
  • Greg L. Johnson
  • Nicholus H Johnson
  • Karen Jorgensen-Royce
  • Ken Justiniano
  • Rebecca S Justiniano
  • Kathrine Kacner
  • Michael Kacner
  • Sean Kacner
  • Sharon Kahn
  • Michael T. Kauper
  • Alfred B. Kaye
  • Andy C Kedl
  • Stephen V. Kempton
  • Carol Ann Kennedy
  • Jerry Keohen
  • Greg Ketter
  • William Ketter
  • Beth Kinderman
  • David D. Kingsley
  • Kenneth R. Konkol
  • Rosemary Kosmatka
  • Laurel A. Krahn
  • Laura A. Krentz
  • Naomi K Kritzer
  • Jan G. Kronholm
  • John S. Kronholm
  • Rachel Evelyn Kronick
  • Diane Lacey
  • Daniel Lam
  • Stacey L. Lam
  • James M. Landis
  • Greg T. Larsen
  • Larry E Larson
  • Richard A. Larson
  • Suzanne Lavenz
  • Kristi Lawless
  • Becca Leathers
  • Graham Leathers
  • David Shevlin Lebedoff
  • Hank Lederer
  • Michael G Lee
  • Andrea M Lessinger
  • Margie Lessinger
  • Russell Letson
  • Ben Liberman
  • Ruth Lichtwardt
  • Dennis Kieth Lien
  • Hershey Lima
  • Joe Lima
  • Marissa Lingen
  • Scott J. Lohman
  • Michael S Louden
  • Linda Lounsbury
  • Eileen L. Lufkin
  • Betsy Lundsten
  • Laura Majerus
  • Jason G Malgren
  • Keith E. Malgren
  • Kyle E Malgren
  • James M.H. Martinson
  • Jim F Martinson
  • Charles H Marx
  • Elise A. Matthesen
  • Nancy Wirsig McClure
  • Amy McCumber
  • Jenny McDermott
  • Jessica R. McDowell
  • Kevin L McIntyre
  • John F McKana
  • Erin McKee
  • Helen Mclean
  • Matt McMillan
  • Amy McNally
  • Jeanne M Mealy
  • Karen Meisner
  • Michael Merriam
  • Sherry L.M. Merriam
  • Amy Mills
  • Andy Mills
  • Mark Russel Mitchell
  • Jean Marie Mlynczak
  • Roger Charles Mlynczak
  • Beth M Moscato
  • Astrid Mueller
  • Leo Mueller
  • Richard Mueller
  • Hilary Moon Murphy
  • Donald O Nelson
  • Jon Allen Nelson
  • Julia L Nelson
  • Terrence L Neumiller
  • Charlotte M Nickerson
  • Lydia Drew Nickerson
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden
  • Gail O'Connor
  • K. Cassandra O'Malley
  • Peggy O'Neill
  • Sherry L Oaks
  • Jeff Orth
  • Shadia Ouma
  • John Pastore
  • Anton Petersen
  • Leslie Peterson
  • Polly Jo Peterson
  • Susan Philbrook
  • Alec Phillips
  • Beth C Phillips
  • Joel D Phillips
  • Jory M Phillips
  • Rand Phillips
  • Tom Potter
  • Joseph S Pregracke
  • Richard Price
  • Sharon Price
  • Irene M. Raun
  • Scott D. Raun
  • Steven Rehn
  • Lynne Renz
  • Neil Rest
  • Cheri Rice
  • George Richard
  • Sarah M Richard
  • Mark E Richards
  • Scott Richards
  • Gregory Riedesel
  • Joelle E. Riley
  • William Martin Rintz
  • Carrie Rogers
  • Edward E. Rom
  • David E Romm
  • Ethel Grodzins Romm
  • Philip Royce
  • Lisa G Sanders
  • Walter K. Sannwald
  • Laramie K. Sasseville
  • John Scalzi
  • Pat Scaramuzza
  • Martin Schafer
  • Isabel Schechter
  • Michael J. Schneider
  • Bruce Schneier
  • Michael E Schoenberg
  • Linda Schusheim
  • Diane M. Severson
  • Joselyn Shackelford
  • Doug Shewfelt
  • Scott E. Shjefte
  • Nathan J Skerbinc
  • Sybil Marie Smith
  • Craig Snyder
  • Sharon Snyder
  • Bonnie G Somdahl
  • Chas G. Somdahl
  • Alison Rose Sommer
  • Danielle Ann Sommer
  • Ethan Sommer
  • Kaylee Rose Sommer
  • Cally Soukup
  • Andra J. St. Arnauld
  • Sam Stanfield
  • John L Stanley
  • Jerry Stearns
  • David Steffen
  • Robert W. Steiner, Sr
  • Patric E Stene
  • Diane R. Stewart
  • Emily Stewart
  • Ashley Stoering
  • Jon L Stopa
  • Kelly ET Strait
  • Matthew Levy Strait
  • Rebecca J Strait
  • Charles Stross
  • Martin Summerton
  • Florence C Taitel
  • Susie Taitel
  • Colleen Taitel-Grider
  • Marguerita Tajibnapis
  • Richard Tatge
  • Thorin N Tatge
  • John W. Taylor
  • Mark David Tersteeg
  • Claire M. Todd
  • Jennifer C.H. Todd
  • Sean W Todd
  • Steve Todd
  • Lindsay Tolle
  • Kenneth James Trobec
  • Jason M Tucker
  • Marian R. Turner
  • Mary Tyrrell
  • Wayne Tyrrell
  • Carole Vandal
  • Aaron M. Vander Giessen
  • Anthony von Krag
  • Merle Metalin von Thorn
  • Dean J. Wagner
  • David F Waldorf
  • Amber E Wanek
  • Elyssa K. Wanek
  • Matthew P Weiser
  • Brian F. Westley
  • Jennifer White
  • David A Wilford
  • David W. Wixon
  • Stanton Wood
  • Robert P. Yeo
  • Bruce Yoder
  • Julie Yoder
  • Jane Yolen
  • Andrew Keeley Yonda
  • Patricia Zetelumen

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