Convivial will be held at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, Minnesota. It’s located between the Mall of America and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport along the light rail line.

Some of you may already be familiar with this hotel; Holiday Inn Select is currently home to both Marscon and Diversicon; CONsume was also held there last year.

You can read all about the pool, fitness center, internet access, etc. on the Amenities page.

Convention Space
The convention will take place on the 13th floor, with the consuite located in the “Presidential suite” and the “Concierge suite” across the hall– they’re both spacious suites, we hope to have a music parties in the Concierge suite on Friday and Saturday nights. We’ll also have a couple of the “Murphy Bed suites” on that same floor; we intend to have gaming in one of them and programming and video in the other. We are, of course, flexible on all of this depending on how things go and what people want to do. (Please send in your ideas, volunteer to make fun stuff happen . . . get in touch with us!)

Room Reservation Info
Rooms are available for $89/night for folks who want to stay at the hotel and/or who would like throw parties at the convention. To reserve a room, call 952-854-9000 or 1-800-HOLIDAY. Tell the hotel you’re with “Convivial” and it might not hurt to remind them that you’d like to be on the 13th floor. The deadline for room reservations was September 29th, but you might still be able to get in the block. We understand that some hotel staff were telling people they couldn’t get our convention rate and be on the concierge/13th floor– we should have that straightened out by the time you get to the hotel and will be putting convention members on the 13th floor unless they request something different. (If you reserved a room but aren’t sure the hotel understood you were with “Convivial” please let us know). Smoking rooms are available on the 12th floor.

There is a free parking ramp adjacent to the hotel. Most vehicles should fit into it unless they’re high profile. You should park in the hotel section of the ramp, we recommend parking on the top level as the door up there leads right into the hotel.

Getting There by Bus and/or Light Rail
The hotel is 3 blocks from a light rail stop (Bloomington Central Station on the Hiawatha Line) . Free shuttles run regularly between the hotel and the airport; and between the hotel and the Mall of America (more details on the amenities page). There are light rail stops at both the airport and Mall of America.