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Who Are We?

The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the appreciation of science fiction and fantasy literature. Minn-Stf was founded in 1966 and we've been active in the worldwide community of science fiction fandom ever since.

Upcoming Minn-StF Events

If you're new to Minn-StF, you should know that our "meetings" are actually parties. Meeting start times are listed as "4pm", although they nominally start at 2pm, but almost nobody shows up until 4pm. Check Einblatt! for more details. The business meeting (5 minutes of announcements) will typically be between 5-6pm. We encourage people to bring snacks or drinks to share at the meetings, but that's not required and hosts will provide some food and drink. You can find out more about what happens at our meetings parties.

The current issue of Einblatt! also includes other events possibly of interest to Minn-StF members. Short-notice events are sometimes posted to the natter email list, the mnstf Dreamwidth community, or to the Facebook group.


Minn-Stf puts on this annual gathering of fans centered on our love of science fiction, good parties and general silliness every Easter. You can learn more about the convention at its web page.


The Minn-StF Board for 2021-2022 is Aaron Vander Giessen, Hershey Harris, Linda Lounsbury, Scott Raun & Matt Strait.

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If you need to talk to someone about Minicon, visit the Minicon webpage for Minicon contact information.

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MN-stf participates in the Amazon Smile program. If you shop at, Amazon will donate to Minnesota Science Fiction Society Incorporated.

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