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What To Expect At Minn-StF Meetings/Parties

Minn-StF usually meets on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Meetings are casual social gatherings (a.k.a. parties) usually located at the home of a member of the club, but sometimes at parks or community centers. Each year we usually have a pool party located in an area hotel.

Historically, meetings are listed as starting at 2pm, but no one shows up until 4pm. Maybe covid has reset this? We'll see. But in any case, since these are really parties, don't expect a big crowd if you show up "on time." People wander in (and out) whenever they see fit. Most meetings contain brief (five- or ten-minute) business meetings early in the evening (often around 5pm) which consist primarily of announcements of upcoming events.

Some snacks and drinks are provided at these gatherings; contributions of food and drink are encouraged, but not required. Expect interesting conversation, maybe some games or music. If you're at a party around dinner time, you could start or join a dinner expedition to an area restaurant (or order food delivered to the party if you don't feel you've enough to nosh on and can't stand to leave). We also occasionally sponsor or hold other parties or events, but the two monthly meetings/parties and our conventions are our primary social gatherings.

Event locations and details are listed in Einblatt! and on the Minn-StF website. Short notice gatherings that didn't make it into Einblatt! are often posted to the natter email list and Google Calendar.