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Minnesota Science Fiction Society

Quartermaster Duties

Amended April 22, 2023

  1. Canvas club members to learn what items they have in their possession that are club property.
  2. Perform an inventory of the storage locker and our other assets, at reasonable intervals, no less often than every two years.
  3. Raise awareness among club members that the quartermaster should be informed when materials belonging to the club are relocated, discarded, lost, or consumed.
  4. Report to the board quarterly on the status of our materials. This report shall include the latest inventory and known movements and changes since this inventory.
  5. Understand the commons uses of items that the club owns, such as those used for Minicon, the fallcon, or the picnic.
  6. Act as liaison between people wishing to use an item commonly used by another function and the primary users of that item. For instance, coordinate use of the refrigerator in the storage locker outside of Minicon. (Note that all items commonly thought of as belonging to Minicon are in fact club property. However, we do not believe that these are simply up for grabs by any club function. Negotiating this balance is is one purpose of this position.)
  7. In case of a unresolved dispute over which club function should control or use an item, the quartermaster should refer the matter to the board.
  8. Maintain a list of durable goods that have been donated with conditions set on their use, for instance "Jane Doe donated a cheese slicer to us on the condition that it is only used on Tuesdays."
  9. The quartermaster shall manage space usage in the storage locker and should be consulted before anyone buys something that will use a lot of space.