Convivial 3

Minn-StF Fallcon | October 17 - 19, 2008


Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz are running programming for us this year.

All convention events are located on the Concierge (13th) floor. The Consuite & Overflow Consuite are across the hall from each other, the programming and gaming rooms are in rooms located between the consuite and the elevators. There will be signs on the doors as well as a sign directing you in the right direction from the elevators.

Consuite = Presidential Suite (1321)
Overflow Consuite = Concierge Suite (1332)
Programming Room = Room 1340
Gaming Room = Room 1318

The gaming room will be open throughout the convention (from 2 p.m. on Friday until 2 p.m. on Sunday); we’ll provide tables and chairs and some games. Feel free to bring your favorite board, card, or other game.

When events are not scheduled in the programming room, it is available for impromptu (or not-so-impromptu) discussions or the showing of videos.

If you come up with an idea during the convention for an event that you’d like to share with the rest of us, talk to Laura Krentz, Dean Gahlon, or Laurel Krahn. We’re open to adding excursions (even if they’re just down to the pool) or program items.

Schedule of Events

Here’s the schedule of events.  Subject to change, of course, though this is getting close to being as final as it’s going to get.  We’ll announce and post changes at the convention.  Locations for these events are listed in [brackets].  Program participant names will be listed in italics.


2 p.m.- Consuite Opens.  [Consuite]

2 p.m. -  Registration Opens. [Consuite]

2 p.m. - Gaming Opens. [Gaming Room]

4 p.m.- Make a Glam Scarf– Laura Krentz will show people how to make a simple but glitzy scarf with fancy yarns and big beads.  You are welcome to bring yarn and large hole (at least a quarter inch) beads if you have them, but some materials will be provided.  No knitting or crocheting abilities required. If you miss this and want to do it later, talk to Laura.  Laura Krentz. [Programming Room]

4:30 p.m. - Craft Circle– Crafty people talk and work on projects, help teach each other and new crafters how to do things.  This can run as late as 7 p.m. so long as there are people who want to work on stuff, and will probably happen at various times and places throughout the con. [Programming Room]

6 p.m. -  Dinner Break.  A group order of food will be made for those who want to stay and eat at the hotel (and not in the bar or restaurant there).  Actual ordering of food will begin earlier; if you aren’t going to be in public con space during the hour or two before the break, you might want to let someone know if you want to be part of the food order (and what you want).

7 p.m. - Opening Ceremonies.   Greetings, announcements, etc.  Shouldn’t take very long at all.  Laurel Krahn, Kevin G. Austin, Laura Krentz, Dean Gahlon.  [Programming Room]

7:15 p.m. - What’s New on TV?– Laurel Krahn answers any questions you have about new TV shows this season or about returning shows.  Not just science fiction, but all things TV.  Our resident TV critic will tell you what her picks are for the best shows this year.  After the discussion, we’ll watch the first episode of a new series (it may be one of Laurel’s faves or it may be the show that folks decide they’re most interested in seeing during the course of the discussion).  Laurel Krahn.  [Programming Room]

9:30 p.m. -  Peggy O’Neill: “Concert, Tea and Nibbles”.  Peggy plans to bring some rather nice tea and either scones or some other delectables to enjoy with the music.   Peggy O’Neill. [Programming Room]

10:30 p.m.- Blog is served.  [Consuite]

11 p.m. -  Animation Festival and Pajama Party– Animation Festival of short animated films on DVD that we think are cool. People are invited to bring copies of their favorites to share also. We’ll provide milk and cookies; you’re also welcome to bring food/drink from the Consuite to this room.  Folks are encouraged to wear pajamas; we’ll award prizes for our favorite pajama ensembles.  Dean Gahlon, Laura Krentz.   [Programming Room]


Morning - Cartoons.  We’ll show some of our favorite cartoons.  It’s also possible that we’ll show episodes of a TV show or animated shorts if there is demand for either of those things.  Kevin G. Austin.  [Programming Room]

Morning - Bagels, juice, possibly other food that could resemble breakfast. [Consuite]

1 p.m. - How to Take Good Nature Photos–  Photographers give tips and show examples of their work.  May devolve into general photography neep. Dave Romm, David Dyer-Bennet, Ctein, Geof Stone. [Programming Room]

2:30 p.m. - Nature Walk in MN Valley Wildlife Preserve (May go to Mall of America instead if weather is bad)  Bring camera, sunglasses, hiking shoes, walking stick, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.  Share digital photos afterward at dinnertime.  Maybe upload to Flickr. [Meet in hallway outside Consuite]

5 p.m - Project Runway: Decorate It/ Wear It– Decorate your hat, shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. Bring an article you want to decorate along with (if you have them) good scissors, beads, ribbons, trims, glitzy stuff, fabric scraps, fabric paints, etc. that you want to use or share. We will provide some materials and glue guns, fabric glue, needles and thread, etc. to attach stuff. The program will conclude with a fashion show of our creations.  Laura Krentz is coordinating this.  [Programming Room]

7 p.m. - Dinner Break.  A group order of food will be made for those that want to eat at the hotel (and not in the bar or restaurant there).  The order will be placed before 7pm, if you want in on the order we recommend that you be in public con space (consuite, programming, or gaming rooms) during the hour or two before the break or else have someone else place your order or let you know when ordering transpires.

9 p.m. -  Technology Past/Future Discussion– What didn’t SF writers predict that we have today?  What don’t we have yet that we thought we would (flying cars)?  What will we have in 10 years or more?  What cool new things are being worked on now?  Possibly followed by a SF movie or episodes of a TV show (like maybe Century City).  David Dyer-Bennet, Ctein, Dean Gahlon. [Programming Room]

10:30 p.m.- Bourbon Sours are served.  Provided by David Dyer-Bennet.  Thanks, DDB! [Consuite]


Morning - Cartoons.  We’ll show some of our favorite cartoons. [Programming Room]

Morning - Food that could resemble breakfast. [Consuite]

1 p.m. - Read Any Good Books Lately?– A chance for people to talk about books they’ve been reading that they would recommend to other fans. Magenta Griffith, leader. [Programming Room]

2 p.m. - Whither Convivial?  Should we do this again next year?  Will you help?  Or would someone else like to take over the fallcon for next year?  What makes a good relaxacon?  Laurel Krahn and others.  [Consuite]

3 p.m.- Closing Ceremonies [Consuite]

6 p.m. Dinner at Khan’s Mongolian barbeque.  Sign up by 2 p.m. (sign-up sheet will be located on the bar in the overflow consuite until it closes at Noon on Sunday, after that it will be in the main consuite).   Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you intend to meet us at the restaurant or meet in the lobby at 5:45pm to carpool to the restaurant.   The consuite may be closed from 5:45 p.m. until we return from the restaurant (7:30 p.m. or so) if there’s no one around who wants to stay there while we’re away.