Art Show
By David Wilford
Art Show Head

The Minicon 33 Art Show went very well, and a big thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success! A special thanks also goes to Kris Spiesz, who has been Head of the Art Show for the past three years and is taking a well-deserved break.

Artists exhibited 1,054 pieces at Minicon 33, of which 438 were sold. Sixty-two pieces went to auction. The highest price paid was $850 on a piece that sold directly rather than at auction and total sales for the Art Show came to $17,415! The Print Shop had 235 images (709 total prints including duplicates) submitted for sale. The Print Shop sold 159 prints for a total of $2,994.

For those of you who may have heard the rumor that there would be no Art Show at Minicon 34, rest assured there will be one! We are working to make it even better for artists and fans, including fans who buy those special pieces of art so they can look at them all the time rather than just the few days of Minicon. We will continue to accept prints as well as original works in the Art Show, and will be making improvements to the existing Print Shop. Details on any developments regarding the Art Show will follow in future progress reports. I invite any artists with questions to contact me via the Minicon PO box or via email at

To Go Where No Minicon Art Show Has Gone Before
Minicon's new home, the Minneapolis Hilton and Towers, will provide our art show with more room and a location at the heart of the convention. The exhibit area will be larger, so more display panels can be put up and the space between panels can be increased. The print shop area will be enlarged and improved with the addition of display racks and bins. There will also be more room available for the coat check and art show staff areas. The lighting is adequate, and the 20-foot ceiling should make the room feel spacious and comfortable.

Memorial Exhibit for Crystal Hope Marvig and Anne Layman Chancellor
There will be a memorial exhibit in the Art Show at Minicon 34 in memory of Crystal Hope Marvig and Anne Layman Chancellor. Crystal was the Artist Guest of Honor at Minicon 23 and long-time fan who attended Minicon for many years. Crystal died in a car accident near Fargo a day after she returned from Minicon 33, where she said she had a wonderful time.

Anne Layman Chancellor passed away on July 11th in Minneapolis from kidney failure due to liver disease. Chance was an excellent artist and a master costumer, storyteller, and filk fan. She was active in NESFA and Cincinnati fandom, and helped with the 1988 Worldcon in New Orleans (Nolacon II). She'd been a member of Minicon for several years, and a regular program participant. Both Crystal and Chance will be greatly missed.

Those interested in contributing artwork or sketches, photos, personal stories or other memorable items to the exhibit may contact me via the Minicon P.O. box or via email at

Art Show Mailing
We'll be mailing Art Show information, rules, and forms in early January, 1999. If you have exhibited work at recent Minicons or received an art show mailing for Minicon 33, you should receive one for Minicon 34. If you are an artist or agent and wish to be added to the art show mailing list, please contact me, David Wilford, c/o Minicon, PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408, or by email at

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