Minicon is an annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans sponsored by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society (Minn-StF). These days the convention is held each year in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota over Easter weekend. Minicon is Minnesota's longest-running science fiction convention; the first Minicon was held in 1968.

Minicon 53

will be held March 30–April 1, 2018. The guests of honor will be Rachel Swirsky and Lyda Morehouse.

For further information go to the Minicon 53 website or contact us at:

Lake Street Station
PO Box 8297
Minneapolis MN  55408-0297

There is also a semi-official Minn-stf Dreamwidth Community which is a good place to discuss Minicon, though if you need an answer to a question it's usually best to contact the convention directly.

If you post pictures taken at Minicon to Flickr or another photo hosting/sharing website, please tag the photos with "minicon" as well as a tag for whichever Minicon it is ("minicon59" for example).

Minicons farther in the future

Supposing we continue to strictly hold 3-day Minicons annually on Easter weekend, following Minicons will be April 19–21, 2019; April 10–12, 2020; April 2–4, 2021; April 15–17, 2022; April 7–9, 2023; March 29–31, 2024 (does not overlap with Passover); April 18–20, 2025; April 3–5, 2026; March 26–28, 2027 (does not overlap with Passover).

We also have another convention coming up: Decongestant 2, October 6–8, 2017.

A Brief History of Minicon

  Dates Membership Location (City) Guests Theme, slogan, etc. Notes
1 January 6, 1968, 12:30–5pm 60 Coffman Union (Men's Lounge), University of Minnesota (Mpls) GoHs: Gordon R. Dickson, Charles DeVet, & Clifford Simak A Strange New World of Science Fiction Archival material updated in the last year
2 April 4–6, 1969 48 prereg, 115 total Andrews Hotel (Mpls) GoHs: Gordon R. Dickson, Charles DeVet, & Clifford Simak  
3 April 3–5, 1970 130 Dyckman Hotel (Mpls) GoHs: Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, & Clifford Simak The Minneapolis in '73 Convention! Archival material updated in the last year
4 June 17–19, 1971 150 Curtis Hotel (Mpls) GoH: Lin Carter The Minneapolis in '73 Convention!
5 October 15–17, 1971 100 total Andrews Hotel (Mpls) GoH: Volsted Gridban (this is an oft-repeated joke; in fact, there was no guest) The Genghiscon!  
6 April 7–9, 1972 175 GoH: Ruth Berman The Stereo-opticon! Archival material updated in the last year
7 April 20–22, 1973 220 Hyatt Lodge (Mpls) Larry Niven, pro GoH
Rusty Hevelin, fan GoH
The Minneapolis in '73 Con!  
8 April 12–14, 1974 350 Dyckman Hotel (Mpls) Kelly Freas, pro GoH
Bob Tucker, fan GoH
9 October 11–13, 1974 190 total Minneapolis Public Library​/​Dyckman Hotel (Mpls) GoHs: Judy Lynn & Lester del Rey Made possible by a Grant From Daytons!  
10 April 18–20, 1975 510 Holiday Inn (Mpls) Poul Anderson, pro GoH
Gordy Dickson, fan GoH
Lester del Rey, toastmaster
11 April 16–18, 1976 500 Leamington Hotel (Mpls) Edmond Hamilton & Leigh Brackett, pro GoHs
Leigh & Norb Couch, fan GoHs
Jackie Franke & Rusty Hevelin, toastmasters
Archival material updated in the last year
12 April 8–10, 1977 500 Ben Bova, pro GoH
Buck & Juanita Coulson, fan GoHs
Joe Haldeman, toastmaster
The Dododecacon Archival material updated in the last year
13 March 24–26, 1978 800 Samuel R. Delany, pro GoH
Spider Robinson, fan GoH
Bob Tucker, artist GoH
Krissy, toastmaster
Nothing is as it seems Archival material updated in the last year
15 April 13–15, 1979 A little over 1000 (at least 1015) Minneapolis Radisson (Mpls) Theodore Sturgeon, pro GoH
Tom Digby, fan GoH
Rick Sternbach, artist GoH
Bob Vardeman, honored guest
The other 10%  
16 April 4–6, 1980 773 pre-reg, 1127 total C.J. Cherryh, pro GoH
Jon Singer, fan GoH
Ken Fletcher, artist GoH
Nate Bucklin, musician GoH
Wilson (Bob) Tucker, toastmaster
Déjà Vu  
17 April 17–19, 1981 —?— Jack Vance, pro GoH
Jerry Boyajian, fan GoH
Kathy Marschall, artist GoH
Reed Waller, musician GoH
14 April 9–11, 1982 —?— St. Paul Radisson (St. Paul) John Varley, pro GoH
Cliff Simak, fan GoH
Spider Robinson, musician GoH
Forward, Into the Past  
19 April 1–3, 1983 —?— Larry Niven, pro GoH
Pamela Dean & David Dyer–Bennet, fan GoHs
Dave Sim, artist GoH
Spider John Koerner, musician GoH
Steven K. Zoltan Brust, toastmaster
Nostradamus, proxy GoH
Backward, Into the Future  
18 April 20–22, 1984 1,450 Leamington Hotel (Mpls) Chelsea Quinn Yarboro, pro GoH
Dave Wixon, fan GoH
Steve Hickman, artist GoH
Somtow Sucharitkul, musician GoH
Rusty Hevelin, toastmaster
Bob Tucker, smooth GoH
We know what we're doing and you don't. Trust us. Archival material updated in the last year
20 April 5–7, 1985 1,525 Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) James P. Hogan, pro GoH
Permanent Floating Riot Club, fan group GoH
Stu Shiffman, artist GoH
Bob Berlien & the White Women, musician GoHs
Kara Dalkey & Jerry Stearns, toastmasters
Let's you and I get normal for a change Archival material updated in the last year
21 March 28–30, 1986 1,600 Damon Knight & Kate Wilhelm, pro GoHs
Denny Lien, fan GoH
Ken Fletcher, artist GoH
Ann Passovoy, musician GoH
Diane Duane, toastmaster
special guests: Phyllis Eisenstein, Terri Windling, John M. Ford, & P.C. Hodgell
Now we're just immoral and fattening Archival material updated in the last year
22 April 17–19, 1987 1538 pre-reg, 1950 total David Brin, pro GoH
Fred Haskell, fan GoH
Erin McKee, artist GoH
Jerry Stearns, musician GoH
Robert Bloch, toastmaster
special guests: Diane Duane, Jane Yolen, & Ellen Kushner
Still Crazy After All These Years Archival material updated in the last year
23 April 1–3, 1988 At least 1745 pre-reg, –?– total Eleanor Arnason, author GoH
Eric Heideman, fan GoH
Frederik Pohl, editor GoH
Crystal Marvig, artist GoH
Richard Feynman, science GoH
special guests: Jane Yolen, David Hartwell, & Algis Budrys
Spring Forward, Fall Over Archival material updated in the last year
24 March 24–26, 1989 2025 pre-reg, –?– total GoHs: Harry Harrison, George “Lan” Laskowski, Fritz Leiber, & Barry Longyear
special guests: Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, P.C. Hodgell, Larry Niven, & John Sladek
Zen and the Art of Fan Maintenance Archival material updated in the last year
25 April 13–15, 1990 Over 3000 total Jane Yolen, GoH
Kim Stanley Robinson, author GoH
Patrick Price, “Arthur” GoH
David Thayer a.k.a. Teddy Harvia, artist GoH
David E Romm, fan GoH
Earl Joseph, science GoH
special guests: Dave Clement, P.C. Hodgell, Dr. Joseph Romm, & Art Widner
The Silver Edition Archival material updated in the last year
26 March 29–31, 1991 —?— George Alec Effinger, author GoH
David Cherry, artist GoH
Al Kuhfeld, Ph.D., science GoH
Suzanne V. Tompkins & Jerry Kaufman, fan GoHs
Jon Singer, lunch GoH
Think of it as Evolution in Action Archival material updated in the last year
27 April 17–19, 1992 2648 total, 2502 warm Lois McMaster Bujold, writer GoH
Ctein, artist GoH
Dave Van Ronk, musician GoH
Don't Ever Be A Dodo Archival material updated in the last year
28 April 9–11, 1993 2864 pre-reg, 3100(?) total Susan Allison, editor GoH
Diane Duane & Peter Morwood, author GoHs
Kathy Mar, musician GoH
Don Fitch, bless his sweet heart GoH
John M. Ford, Interesting Person GoH
Suite, Savage Minicon Archival material updated in the last year
29 April 1–3, 1994 3075 pre-reg, 3300 total, 3180±175 warm Radisson Hotel South & Wyndham Garden Hotel (Bloomington) Tom Doherty, publisher GoH
Jack Williamson, author GoH
Rusty Hevelin, fan GoH
Phil Foglio, artist GoH
It seemed like a good idea at the time Archival material updated in the last year
30 April 14–16, 1995 3,500 Radisson Hotel South, Wyndham Garden Hotel & L'Hotel Sofitel (Bloomington) Vernor Vinge, author GoH
Dr. Robert Forward, science GoH
Jody Lee, artist GoH
The Bhigg House, fan group GoH
Glen Cook, honored guest
Some Assembly Required or “Would You Like Fries With That?” Minicon 30 was the first to have a web page. Archival material updated in the last year
31 April 5–7, 1996 2,957 prereg, 3,619 total, 3,564 warm Suzette Haden Elgin, GoH
Ed Emshwiller, memorial artist GoH
Joe Siclari & Edie Stern, fan GoHs
David Ossman, audio GoH
James P. Hogan, science GoH
L.A. Taylor, honored guest
Coming to a Galaxy Near You Archival material updated in the last year
32 March 28–30, 1997 "Over 3500" Radisson Hotel South, L'Hotel Sofitel & Holiday Inn Airport 2 (Bloomington) Algis Budrys, author GoH
C.J. Cherryh, author GoH
Tom Doherty, publisher GoH
Tom Lopez, audio GoH
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editor GoH
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, editor GoH
Michael Swanwick, author GoH
Even Chaos has a Pattern  
33 April 10–12, 1998 3,431 total Radisson Hotel South, L'Hotel Sofitel, Holiday Inn Airport 2 & Wyndham Garden Hotel (Bloomington) Gardner Dozois, pro GoH
Dave Langford, fan GoH
John M. Ford, toastmaster
Phil Proctor, Mark Time Award presenter
Heisenberg Probably Slept Here See also concom meeting minutes, the accepted bid, and opening ceremonies radio shows photos & audio. Archival material updated in the last year
34 April 2–4, 1999 ~1360 prereg, 1525 total Hilton Minneapolis and Towers (Mpls) Octavia E. Butler, writer GoH
Mark and Priscilla Olson, fan GoHs
Dave Nee, bookseller GoH
See also proposals for Minicon 34. Archival material updated in the last year
35 April 21–23, 2000 736 prereg, 844 total Maureen F. McHugh, writer GoH
Lenny Bailes, fan GoH
John Berkey, artist GoH
Orson & David Ossman, Mark Time Award presenters
Archival material updated in the last year
36 April 13–15, 2001 457 prereg, 548 total Ken MacLeod, writer GoH
Jo Walton, fan GoH
Leslie Fish, musician GoH
37 March 29–31, 2002 637 Will Shetterly, writer GoH
Emma Bull, writer GoH
Arthur Hlavaty, fan GoH
Rick Berry, artist GoH
38 April 18–20, 2003 526 total, ~480 warm Millennium Hotel Minneapolis (Mpls) Robert J. Sawyer, author GoH
Carolyn Clink, poet GoH
Sue Mason, fan GoH
Steve Macdonald, musician GoH
39 April 9–11, 2004 417 pre-reg, ≥453 total, ≥396 warm Walter John Williams, writer GoH
Sharyn November, editor GoH
Deb Geisler, fan GoH
40 March 25–27, 2005 460 prereg, 630 total Sheraton Bloomington Hotel [formerly the Radisson South] (Bloomington) Terry Pratchett, writer GoH
James Young, fan GoH
Fastner & Larson, artist GoHs
Minicon Fortean Archival material updated in the last year
41 April 14–16, 2006 381 prereg, 527±10 total Harlan Ellison, writer GoH
John Picacio, artist GoH
Doug Friauf, fan GoH
XLi, Robot Archival material updated in the last year
42 April 6–8, 2007 310 prereg, 430 total, 402 warm Charles de Lint, writer GoH
Charles Vess, artist GoH
And the question was...?  
43 March 21–23, 2008 321 prereg, 432±3 total, 385±3 warm Alastair Reynolds, author GoH
Shawna McCarthy, editor GoH
Nate Bucklin, fan GoH
Wayne Barlowe, artist GoH (who didn't make it to the con)
Digging up the future  
44 April 10–12, 2009 317 prereg, 422 total, 395 warm Karl Schroeder, author GoH
Seth Shostak, scientist GoH
Stephen Martiniere, artist GoH (who didn't make it to the con)
45 April 2–4, 2010 366 prereg, 450 total, 434 warm Brandon Sanderson, author GoH
Dan Dos Santos, artist GoH
Moshe Feder, special guest
46 April 22–24, 2011 372 prereg, 448 total, 425 warm Charles Stross, author GoH in absentia
John Scalzi, author GoH
Chas Somdahl, musician GoH
Not yet dead from the neck up  
47 April 6–8, 2012 363 prereg, 463 total, 452 warm DoubleTree Bloomington Hotel [formerly the Sheraton Bloomington, formerly the Radisson South] (Bloomington), a.k.a. the RadishTree Ted Chiang, author GoH
Christopher J Garcia, fanzine GoH
Frank Wu, artist GoH
Brianna "Spacekat" Wu, special guest
The minions are coming...  
48 March 29–31, 2013 382 prereg, 515 total, 503 warm Julie Czerneda, author GoH
Richard Tatge, fan GoH
The Game of Life  
49 April 17½–20, 2014 418 prereg, 561 total, 538 warm Catherynne Valente, author GoH
Janny Wurts, author GoH
Don Maitz, artist GoH
Pirates and Airships*  
50 April 2–5, 2015 826 prereg, 1135 total, 1114 warm Jane Yolen, author GoH
Larry Niven, author GoH
Brandon Sanderson, author GoH
Tom Doherty, publisher GoH
Adam Stemple, music GoH
Michael Whelan, artist GoH
The Gold Edition
51 March 25–27, 2016 492 prereg, 647 total, 622 warm Seanan McGuire, author GoH
Sara Butcher Burrier, artist GoH
Lojo Russo, musician GoH
Zombies and Fairies and Mermaids, Oh My! Archival material updated in the last year
52 April 14–16, 2017 510 prereg, 601 total, 574 warm Jim C. Hines, author GoH
Brother Guy Consolmagno, science GoH
Mark Oshiro, fan GoH
Jeff Lee Johnson, featured artist
53 March 30–April 1, 2018   Rachel Swirsky, GoH
Lyda Morehouse, GoH
Jon Arfstrom, featured artist (posthumous)
The Pedantic One  


Dates: Yes, there were two years we had two Minicons — 1971 and 1974. Even on years with only one Minicon, it hasn't always been on Easter. Minicons 2, 7 and 8 were on Easter, then all of them starting with 11 (well, as of this writing, up to 52, at least). So there were 5 Minicons that, you might say, could have been on Easter, but weren't.

Minicon Numbering: Yes, we know the numbering was just a tiny, wee-bit non-sequential between 1978 and 1985. It's a long story, and really not that shaggy.

Credits: This list originally by Fred A Levy Haskell, Official Happy Deadwood, Minn-StF. At last report it is being kept up by the Minnstf arDONOTTYPETHISchivist, Matt Strait. Documented additions or corrections will be warmly welcomed. Send to [arDONOTTYPETHISchivist at mnstf dot org].

More Data

The recipe for blog

Audio from some radio plays from various Minicon Opening Ceremonies over the years and there are also CDs available which include audio plays from Minicons past.

Many of the documents from the Long Range Convention Task-Force are online. This was a task-force chartered in 1991 to consider the problems and concerns we had about Minicon and consider what we should do for the next 5 years.

We Need Your Help!

We are working on building as complete a digital archive of Minicon's history as we can!

For all these items, please contact: [arDONOTTYPETHISchivist at# mnstf dot org]

Physical materials wanted: If you have badges, program books, pocket programs, photos, progress reports, convention reports, or other stuff from or relating to past Minicons we're interested in putting that sort of thing online. Photos and audio or video recordings too. If it's something we don't have in our own archives, we might be interested in borrowing items from you or making other arrangements to scan stuff for use on the website.

Digital materials wanted: If you have items in digital format or are willing to put things in digital format, you can send that stuff to us. Please check with us before sending any large files (over 50MB) as email attachments. If you know where we can find stuff about Minicon or Minn-StF online that we haven't yet linked to, please pass those links along to us.

Transcriptions wanted: We would like our archives to be searchable and accessible. This means that we'd like to make plain text versions of everything that's just an image now. Would you like to help? Find something that needs transcription and let us know you're going to work on it.

Requests wanted: If you're looking for something that isn't here, please let us know. We may already have it on paper and can prioritize it for scanning.