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Minicon 31



April 5-7, 1996


Updated 2017-06-19

Program book as a PDF (25MB), or a lower quality PDF (2.4MB), or page images:

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Creative Commons License The parts of the Minicon 33 Program Book made available here are by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Ed Emshwiller, Ken Fletcher and David Dyer-Bennet and are Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licenced, except as follows: Content by Robert Pasternak and Stu Shiffman is © each of them, respectively, all rights reserved, and reproduced here by permission. Art by Derrick Dasenbrock (pp. 8, 9, 12, 23), Amy Monte (p. 30), Brian Tiemann (p. 32), and Heidi Eckroth (pp. 36, 37) are © each of them. Advertisements remain property of the advertisers.

PR2 is Now Online

PR1 is Now Online

[Added 2016-06-20] Here's a video including images of some of the button badges used in this Minicon era.


Added 2017: this t-shirt was available in gray and cream. The back is blank.

M31 T-shirt front: a futuristic logo

And there was another shirt, too. These are the front and back, respectively:

Minicon 31 t-shirt front: 'Minicon 31' with a star behind the '3', which has a tail that goes down into a big tangle below 'Minicon' Minicon 31 t-shirt back: '3001 Flavors' with a dragon and a hero guy with a sword

And here's pictures of the volunteer shirt, front and sleeve, respectively (the back is blank):

Small image of the front of the Minicon 31 volunteer t-shirt Small image of the sleeve of the Minicon 31 volunteer t-shirt


Added 2017: Our history table for Minicon 31 for many years listed it as being in the Radisson South, the Wyndham Garden, L'Hotel Sofitel and the Holiday Inn Airport 2. However, there's no mention in any of the publications of the Wyndham Garden. Quite possibly a lot of people stayed there, but it does not seem to have been an official hotel.


Guests confirmed so far include:

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