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Minicon 31
Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!
April 5 - 7, 1996
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Progress Report #2

Minicon 31 is an annual science fiction convention, run by fans of sf&f.
Pre-registration deadline is February 14, 1996!

Here's the latest news. You'll get so excited about our guests and some of the special events that are already scheduled, that you'll want to rush to send in your registration form and get a hotel reservation.

You may need to be in communication with the committee now.
** If you are a dealer, artist, musician, costumer, videotaper, or game planner, check out participant info.
** If your group is part of the larger fan community you may want a group presence at Minicon.

And, of course, the committee cannot do it alone. There are many tasks that need volunteers.

Find out how to contact us various ways,
or visit the home page for MnStf, the sponsoring organization.
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