Minicon 9

Minicon 9 was held 11–13 October 1974 at the Minneapolis Public Library and the Dyckman Hotel (Minneapolis). It was the second Minicon in 1974 and the second of two fall Minicons after Minicon 5. The guests of honor were Judy-Lynn del Rey and Lester del Rey. It was chaired by Don Blyly and Jim Young and had a membership of about 190.


Bev Swanson -- Registration
Dick Tatge -- Art Show
Ken Fletcher -- Art Show
Denny Lien -- Auction
Gerry Wassenaar -- Huckster's Room
Mark Hansen -- Party Supplies
Jan Applebaum -- Treasurer
Margie Lessinger -- Recorder
Fred Haskell -- Official Happy Deadwood

Program Booklet

small Minicon 9 program book cover

Here is the program booklet in PDF (3 MB), or the same, but lower quality and a much smaller download (150 kB). Here's a text-only transcription (3 kB).

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The Minicon 9 program book is in the public domain due to having been published between 1923 and 1977 without a copyright notice.


A Minicon 9 Photo by David Dyer-Bennet.