Minicon 15

Minicon 15 was held 13–15 April 1979 at the Minneapolis Radisson. The guests of honor were Theodore Sturgeon (pro), Tom Digby (fan), and Rick Sternbach (artist). Robert E. Vardeman was an honored guest. The executive committee was Carol Anndy, Don Bailey, Bev Elmshauser, Scott Imes, and Dave Wixon.

The Number

Minicon 15 followed directly after Minicon 13. This is because "Minicon 14" was originally held to be the name for the fallcon in 1978. Much confusion ensued when the fallcon ended up not being called that. Some early records (like concom minutes) refer to the Minicon in 1979 as "Minicon 14", either because the writer didn't know the fallcon was going to take "14" in the first place, or because they assumed that the springcon would revert to "14" after the fallcon gave it up. See further notes on the pages for Minicon 14, Minicon 19, Anokon 1, etc.


There were 830 pre-registrations and 189 at-the-door, for a total of 1019. So say Minicon 16 concom minutes from March 16, 1980.

There's plenty of confirmation from less clear information we found before we found those minutes: 'A little over 1000' says the Bozo Bus Tribune, which continues 'as of 4pm Saturday'. Over 1000 for the first time, says Dave Romm. I found a sticky note in the box of reg cards that says

78 pink
92 one day
Minicon 15

Some of the reg cards are pink. Maybe they are the full at-the-door? Anyway, it's not clear this is the final number. Perhaps it is the calculation that went into the Bozo Bus issue. There are also at least a handful of Sunday membership cards, although most of the one-day cards don't say what day they are for, so it must be at least a little over a little over 1000. 1015 at minimum, which matches the 1019 well.

Program Book

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Here's a PDF of the whole thing (15 MB), and a text-only transcription (33 kB).

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