Minicon 24

Minicon 24 was held 24–26 March 1989 at the Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington). The guests of honor were Harry Harrison, George "Lan" Laskowski, Fritz Leiber, and Barry B. Longyear. Honored guests were Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, P. C. Hodgell, Larry Niven, and John Sladek. The executive committee was Susan K. Grandys, Jerry Stearns, Geof Stone, and Martin Schafer.


The pre-registration was 2025, exactly. (We have the printout.) Total registration was 2470. This comes from the following table, which is by itself like this in the archives:

Minicon  Registration Counts by Type  09/24/89

Reg Type           Count

Attending           1,661
Wrong rate             39
Child                  94
Supporting            119
Guests                  9
Complimentary          84
Adult at-the-door     378
Child at-the-door      49
Late                   37
Child (Late)            0

     Total: 2,470

It is left as an exercise for the reader to guess which of those lines, and how much of each, count towards pre-reg.

Previously (before November 2021), we listed the total membership as 2600. This was from a table prepared for Minicon 29 which had a lot of round numbers.

Masquerade Video

Here's a video of the Minicon 24 Masquerade. (If you have trouble with the video format, try VLC.) It was filmed by Jon Hyers. This video was lost until Jon contacted us in 2009 to ask if we wanted the master. He sent it to us along with a DVD he made of it. This file is a rip of that DVD. The master is a VHS tape with the following label: "Minicon 1989. Minicon 89 Master".

For slightly higher quality video, you can also download all of the files needed to make yourself a copy of the DVD.

Creative Commons License The Minicon 24 Masquerade Video, by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Program Book

small Minicon 24 program book cover

Here's the Minicon 24 program book in PDF (15 MB).

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Scans are available here in a range of qualities and file sizes. Most people want the middle column, in which the files have been substantially cleaned up to remove the grain of the paper, bleed through from adjacent pages, etc., but are still high resolution.

Raw scans
(~5 MB)
Cleaned up
(~700 kB)
Smallest files
(~30 kB)
Front cover Front cover Front cover
2–3 2–3 2–3
4–5 4–5 4–5
6–7 6–7 6–7
8–9 8–9 8–9
12–11 12–11 12–11
12–13 12–13 12–13
14–15 14–15 14–15
16–17 16–17 16–17
18–19 18–19 18–19
20–21 20–21 20–21
22–23 22–23 22–23
24–25 24–25 24–25
26–27 26–27 26–27
28–29 28–29 28–29
30–31 30–31 30–31
32–33 32–33 32–33
34–35 34–35 34–35
36–37 36–37 36–37
38–39 38–39 38–39
40–41 40–41 40–41
42–43 (blank) 42–43 42–43
Back cover (blank) Back cover Back cover

Creative Commons License Except as noted below, the parts of the Minicon 24 Program Book made available here are by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Polly Peterson, Peg Kerr, Ken Fletcher, Laramie Sasseville [spelled "Sassiville" in the book], or Eric Heideman and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States.

Text by Sally Morem, text by Rob Ihinger, art by Reed Waller, and art by Dex assumed to be OK to reproduce here (there's no copyright statement in the book), but to be safe, assume they are © each of them, all rights reserved.

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Here's a video including images of some of the button badges used in this Minicon era.


There were at least two t-shirt designs. For each here are the front and back, respectively. The first was also available in blue (and maybe other colors). The back is by Ken Fletcher:

Small image of the front of one of the two Minicon 24 t-shirts Small image of the back of one of the Minicon 24 t-shirts

The artwork on the back is by Laramie Sasseville:

Small image of the front of one of the Minicon 24 t-shirts Small image of the back of one of the Minicon 24 t-shirts

Here's a nice copy of the artwork on the back:

Small image of the artwork for the back of one of the Minicon 24 t-shirts