Minicon 26

Minicon 26 was held 29–31 March 1991 at the Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington). Guests of honor were George Alec Effinger (author), David Cherry (artist), Al Kuhfeld, Ph.D. (science), Suzanne V. Tompkins and Jerry Kaufman (fans), and Jon Singer (lunch).

The total membership numbered 2299, with 2150 warm bodies. 170 were at the door, and 2080 pre-reg. 70 people were comped. 150 pre-registered members did not attend. No, those numbers don't quite add up, but that's what it says on this scrap of paper found in the archives!

The executive committee was Kay Drache, Karen Cooper, Karen Johnson, Lynn Litterer, and Polly Jo Peterson.

Program Book

small Minicon 26 program book cover

Here is the program book in PDF (95 MB), or the same, but lower quality and a much smaller download (4 MB).

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And here are individual page images used to generate each of the above PDFs:

Raw scans (~800 kB)Reduced file size (~30 kB)
Front coverFront cover
Inside front coverInside front cover
Page 1Page 1
Page 2Page 2
Page 3Page 3
Page 4Page 4
Page 5Page 5
Page 6Page 6
Page 7Page 7
Page 8Page 8
Page 9Page 9
Page 10Page 10
Page 11Page 11
Page 12Page 12
Page 13Page 13
Page 14Page 14
Page 15Page 15
Page 16Page 16
Page 17Page 17
Page 18Page 18
Page 19Page 19
Page 20Page 20
Page 21Page 21
Page 22Page 22
Page 23Page 23
Page 24Page 24
Page 25Page 25
Page 26Page 26
Page 27Page 27
Page 28Page 28
Page 29Page 29
Page 30Page 30
Page 31Page 31
Page 32Page 32
Page 33Page 33
Page 34Page 34
Page 35Page 35
Page 36Page 36
Page 37Page 37
Page 38Page 38
Page 39Page 39
Page 40Page 40
Page 41Page 41
Page 42Page 42
Page 43Page 43
Page 44Page 44
Page 45Page 45
Page 46Page 46
Page 47Page 47
Page 48Page 48
Page 49Page 49
Page 50Page 50
Page 51Page 51
Page 52Page 52
Page 53Page 53
Page 54Page 54
Page 55Page 55
Page 56Page 56
Page 57Page 57
Page 58Page 58
Page 59Page 59
Page 60Page 60
Page 61Page 61
Page 62Page 62
Page 63Page 63
Page 64Page 64
Page 65Page 65
Page 66Page 66
Page 67Page 67
Page 68Page 68
Page 69Page 69
Page 70Page 70
Page 71Page 71
Page 72Page 72
Page 73Page 73
Page 74Page 74
Page 75Page 75
Page 76Page 76
Page 77Page 77
Page 78Page 78
Page 79Page 79
Page 80Page 80
Page 81Page 81
Page 82Page 82
Page 83Page 83
Page 84Page 84
Page 85Page 85
Page 86Page 86
Page 87Page 87
Page 88Page 88
Page 89Page 89
Page 90Page 90
Page 91Page 91
Page 92Page 92
Page 93Page 93
Page 94Page 94
Page 95Page 95
Page 96Page 96
Inside back coverInside back cover
Back coverBack cover

The Minicon 26 Program Book was published with the statement, "Copyright © by Minnesota Science Fiction Society. [...] All rights reserved under various and sundry agreements and conventions. [...] No maps, illustrations, or other portions of this book may be reproduced in any form with guilt feelings (except where expressly copyrighted, which require permission of the artist/writer)." The earlier stuff notwithstanding, that last bit seems to be an attempt at a declaration of putting most of the book into the public domain. Let it be so. The expressly copyrighted things are covered here:

Creative Commons License Components of the Minicon 26 Program Book by Fred A Levy Haskell (photo), Jeff Schalles (text), and Stu Shiffman (art) are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Advertisements are copyrighted if so marked.


small Minicon 26 t-shirt Here's a scan of the front of the t-shirt. (And here's a rather high-res version.)

It was available in at least two colors. Here's a photo of the back:

Small image of the back of the Minicon 26 t-shirt

And here's a cool hand-colored one (not available for sale):

Small image of the front of the Minicon 26 t-shirt, hand colored Small image of the back of the Minicon 26 t-shirt, hand colored

And here's art by Laramie Sasseville that was submitted for use on the t-shirt, but not used:

Small image of unused t-shirt artwork by Laramie Sasseville


small Minicon 26 mailer first content page

Here's a mailer sent out (not called a progress report) (our scanning copy is water (coffee?) stained): as a PDF or individual page images: Outside, page of text, more text, forms.

Masquerade Video

Here is a video of the Minicon 26 Masquerade. (If you have trouble with the video format, try VLC.)

For somewhat higher video quality, you can also download all of the files needed to make yourself a copy of the DVD that the above file was extracted from.

Creative Commons License The Minicon 26 Masquerade Video, by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


A sheet of Minicon 26 badgesHere is a sheet of badges (draft badges?).

Another sheet of Minicon 26 badgesAnd here's another one. Who knows if that's all of them.

Dave Romm's Minicon 26 badgeAnd here's Dave Romm's badge.

Here's a video including images of some of the button badges used in this Minicon era. These are mostly department or job badges, not general membership badges, although a Minicon 22 membership badge is in there.


The WWW had been invented by Minicon 26, but no web servers were live on the public Internet yet, so we're sure it didn't have a web site.


Here is a piece, mirrored from Gabe Helou, describing some public discussion after Minicon 25 (and hence related to planning Minicon 26).