Minicon 19

Minicon 19 was held 1–3 April 1983 at the St. Paul Radisson. The guests of honor were Larry Niven (pro), Pamela Dean and David Dyer-Bennet (fans), Dave Sim (artist), Spider John Koerner (music), Steven Brust (toastmaster), and Nostradamus (proxy). The executive committee was Don Bailey, Steve Bond, Scott Imes, Mark Richards, and Caryl Wixon.


There were 893 pre-registered members and 1185 total members. There were 75 supporting memberships, of which 60 converted. I (Matt Strait) got the pre-reg number from a complete list of pre-registered members. The total comes from summing up all the registration cash-in sheets found in the archives, but taking the list of pre-reged members to be more authoritative. There were several mysterious features, involving about a dozen members, such as people seemingly supporting and/or pre-registering at the door. I can hazard some guesses as to what that means, but suffice it to say that these numbers are somewhat approximate. I think I have all the sheets, but there is no grand total, so if anything the total membership number might be a bit low.

The Number

Yes, Minicon 19 was in 1983, following Minicon 14, and being followed by Minicon 18. See some details on the Minicon 14 page for how this got started.

Unsurprisingly, various internal documents mistakenly refer to this Minicon as 18. It wasn't until part way through the year that the concom decided to call it 19. So a paper with "Minicon 18" on it might be about the Minicon in 1982 (14), the one in 1983 (19) or the one in 1984 (18).


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Program Book

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Here it is in PDF (15 MB), or in plain text (34 kB).

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There were two designs. Here's one, front and back, respectively (the shirt pictured was seemingly hand-altered to a tank top). The art on the front is by Laramie Sasseville:

Small image of the front of the Minicon 19 t-shirt, design 1/2 Small image of the back of the Minicon 19 t-shirt, design 1/2

And here's the other design:

Small image of the front of the Minicon 19 t-shirt, design 2/2 Small image of the back of the Minicon 19 t-shirt, design 2/2