Minicon 19

Minicon 19 was held 1–3 April 1983 at the St. Paul Radisson. The guests of honor were Larry Niven (pro), Pamela Dean and David Dyer-Bennet (fans), Dave Sim (artist), Spider John Koerner (music), Steven Brust (toastmaster), and Nostradamus (proxy). We don't have any specific information about the membership numbers, but based on the adjacent Minicons, they must have been around 1200. The executive committee was Don Bailey, Steve Bond, Scott Imes, Mark Richards, and Caryl Wixon.


ARCADE: David Cargo*

ART SHOW: Erin McKee*, Steve Bond, Steve Cox, Dave Crawford, Kara Dalkey, 
Joel Halpern

CHILD CARE: Sharon Kahn*

EXEC: Don Bailey, Steve Bond, Scott Imes, Mark Richards, Caryl Wixon

FILMS: Floyd Henderson*, John Bartelt, Keith Hauer-Lowe, Todd McInroy, 
Lee Reynolds

GoH LIASON: Will Shetterly*

HOTEL: Jean Messer*, Caryl Wixon*

HUCKSTERS: Greg Ketter*

LIFE SUPPORT: Beth Friedman*

LIGHT SHOW: Richard Tatge*

MAIL: Mark Richards*

MAILING LIST: Don Bailey, Steve Bond, Judy Cilcain, Dean Gahlon, Karen Johnson,
Scott Raun

MICRO-PROGRAMMING: DavE Romm*, Brian Westley*, David Cummer

MIMEO ROOM: Erik Biever*


OPERATIONS: Martin Schafer*

Communications: Beth Friedman, Joel Halpern, Robert Ihinger, Kathy Marschall,
Virginia Nelson, Karen Schaffer, Geri Sullivan, Gerri Williams

Den Mothers: Gerri Balter, Emma Bull, Eileen Lufkin, Jean Messer, DavE Romm 

Keypers: David Cummer, Kara Dalkey, Karen Johnson, Todd Mclnroy, Barney Neufeld,
John Stanley

Recruiting: Steven Brust

Troubleshooters: Steve Glennon, Curtis Hoffmann, Dave Messer, Jerry Stearns

PARTIES: Jonathan Adams*, Carol Kennedy*, Virginia Nelson, David Cummer, Brian
Major, Lee Pelton, Herman Schouten

PROGRAMMING: Mike Smith*, Emma Bull, Kara Dalkey, David Egge, Doug Friauf, Eric
Heideman, Blas Mazzeo, Lee Pelton, Lee Reynolds, DavE Romm, Richard
Stuefer, Brian Westley,

PUBLICATIONS: Karen Johnson*, Erik Biever, Emma Bull, Sarah Prince, Geri
Sullivan, plus thanks to Kara Dalkey, Ken Fletcher, Mark Hopkins, Erin McKee,
Will Shetterly

REGISTRATION: Peter Larson*, Judy Cilcain*, David Cargo, Kashia Curney

SALES: Scott Raun*, Kate Worley

TREASURY: John Robey*, Sharon Riger

T-SHIRTS: Kate Worley*

Plus: Lynn Anderson, Dave Wixon

* indicates head of department

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