Minicon 17

Minicon 17 was held 17–19 April 1981 at the Minneapolis Radisson. The guests of honor were Jack Vance (pro), Jerry Boyajian (fan), Reed Waller (musician), and Kathy Marschall (artist). We don't have any specific records on the membership numbers, but based on adjacent Minicons, it must have been somewhere around 1200. The executive committee was Steve Bond, Don Bailey, Scott Imes, and Dave Wixon.

Program Book

small Minicon 17 program book cover

Scans are available here in a range of qualities and file sizes. Most people want the middle column in which the files have been substantially cleaned up to remove the grain of the paper, bleed through from adjacent pages, etc., but are still high resolution. The right column has the scans reduced to monochrome and to the smallest legible size.

Some pages are not available due to uncertain copyright status.

Raw scans
(~8 MB)
Cleaned up
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Smallest files
(~30 kB)
Front cover Front cover Front cover
2–3 2–3 2–3
4–5 4–5 4–5
6–7 6–7 6–7
8–9 8–9 8–9
10–11 10–11 10–11
16–17 16–17 16–17
18–19 18–19 18–19
22–23 22–23 22–23
24–25 24–25 24–25
26–27 26–27 26–27
28–29 28–29 28–29
30–31 30–31 30–31
32–33 32–33 32–33
34–35 34–35 34–35

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