Minicon 16

Minicon 16 was held 4–6 April 1980 at the Minneapolis Radisson. Guests of honor were C. J. Cherryh (pro), Jon Singer (fan), Ken Fletcher (artist), and Nate Bucklin (musician). Bob Tucker was toastmaster. We don't have any specific information about the membership numbers, but based on the adjacent Minicons, it was probably around 1200. The executive committee was Don Bailey, Steven Bond, Scott Imes, and Dave Wixon.

Program Book

small Minicon 16 program book cover

Here is a PDF of the Minicon 16 program book (12 MB).

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Scans are available here in two qualities and file sizes. The first column has the raw scans. Most people want the second column, in which the files have been substantially cleaned up to remove the grain of the paper, bleed through from adjacent pages, etc. The PDF above was made from the second column.

Raw scans
(~16 MB)
Cleaned up
(~400 kB)
Front cover Front cover
2–3 2–3
4–5 4–5
6–7 6–7
8–9 8–9
10–11 10–11
12–13 12–13
14–16 14–16
16–17 16–17
18–19 18–19
20–21 20–21
22–23 22–23
24–25 24–25
26–27 26–27
28–29 28–29
30–31 30–31
32–33 32–33
34–35 34–35
36–37 36–37
38–39 38–39
40–41 40–41
42–43 42–43
44–45 44–45
46–47 46–47
Back cover Back cover

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As you can see in this… rather complex section in the program book, six t-shirt variants were sold at Minicon 16.


   Continuing a great old tradition started 4 years ago
with two great Ken

   Continuing a great old tradition started 4 years ago
with two of the great Ken Fletcher illos available this
year, Minicon is once again offering OFFICIAL MINICON
SOUVEINER T-SHIRTS for only $6. There are 6 combinations
available of the 4 designs shown (scattered throughout
the program book.)Some are more available than others.
THIS YEAR'S official shirt is design #1 on the front
and #2 on the back.  The REVERSAL #2on the front and
#1 on the back is also available for sale. And also,
for your dining and hallucinatory pleasure, and because
Kenfletch is our Artist Guest of Honor and this Minicon's
theme is "Dejah T̸h̸o̸r̸i̸s̸ Vu," we are offering a REPRINT of
the first Minicon T-Shirt, #3/front and #4/back.  For
the first time, REVERSE is offered , #4/front and #3/
back. Finally, we offer a COMBONATION of the 2 differ-
ent year's shirts with #4/front and #1/back or the REV-
ERSAL, #1/front and #4/back.

Here are photos of the final variant, front and back, respectively:

Small image of the front of the Minicon 16 t-shirt, variant #6 Small image of the back of the Minicon 16 t-shirt, variant #6

And here's one variant or another showing art #3 and another showing art #2:

Small image of art #3 used for the several Minicon 16 t-shirts Small image of art #2 used for the several Minicon 16 t-shirts

In addition to the colors shown above, we have a #4/front, #1/back in yellow. And a #3/front, #4/back (Minicon 11 original or reprint?) in light green.

Apparently in an attempt to confound future archivists, the various shirts have three different companies' tags on them, preventing any simple determination of which is the original Minicon 11 shirt.