Minicon 20

Minicon 20 was held 5–7 April 1985 at the Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington). Guests of honor were James P. Hogan (pro), The Permanent Floating Riot Club (fan group), The White Women (musicians), and Stu Shiffman (artist). Jerry Stearns and Kara Dalkey were toastmasters. The executive committee was Caryl Dixon, Joel Halpern, Scott Imes, Mark Richards, and Martin Schafer.

Somtow Sucharitkul paid $500 to be the Sucker GoH. He was billed as the Sucker-It-Kul GoH. But then he couldn't make it.


Our best knowledge of the total membership numbers comes from a neatly handwritten sheet which gives:

The sheet sums this to 1378 attending (i.e. warm bodies), 1434 total. To get to that total, one must assume that the no-shows are additional to the main numbers in the list, except for supporting members. OK.

Now, we also have a traceable pre-reg number: 1072. This comes from printed report (on fan-fold green bar) found in the archives in 2017. It is an exact count, or nearly so, of the pre-reg as of 3/30/1985. If one assumes that no children pre-regged, which would be consistent with the progress report not listing separate prices for pre-reg and at-the-door children, one gets to 1068, so that's probably consistent.

Now between at least the Minicon 38 program book and 2018, our history table said that the membership of Minicon 20 was 1525, but we don't know where that number came from. Given the above, the archivist's judgement is that 1434 is a more reliable number, so let it be known that Minicon 20 had 1434 total members.

Program Book

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