Minicon 21

Minicon 21 was held 28–30 March 1986 at the Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington). It had a membership of about 1600. Guests of honor were Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm (pro), Denny Lien (fan), Ken Fletcher (artist), and Anne Passovoy (musician). Diane Duane was toastmaster. Phyllis Eisenstein, Terri Windling, John M. Ford, and P. C. Hodgell were honored guests. The executive committee was Joel Halpern, Scott Imes, Virginia Nelson, Mark Richards, and Martin Schafer.

Program Book

small Minicon 21 program book cover

The Minicon 21 program book was given out in Mutant boxes. (Mutant was a game being developed by Adventure Games that never made it to stores, but they got as far as printing really a lot of boxes before ditching the project.) Also in each box was one of a set of miniature lead and tin figurines (sculpted by Ken Fletcher), as well as a cut-out diagram of a 23-sided die.

Here is it is in PDF (28 MB), or the same, but lower quality and a smaller download (2.5 MB) or the same, but using raw scans (784 MB) — probably only useful if you are researching the grain of paper used in this era.

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Most of the Minicon 21 program book is in the public domain due to having been published between 1978 and March 1989 without a copyright notice nor subsequent copyright registration.

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Here's a video including images of some of the button badges used in this Minicon era.