Minicon 51

March 25th - 27th, Easter weekend, 2016

Minicon 51 is over. There is probably another Minicon coming up!

About Minicon

We are pleased to announce that Minicon 51 will continue where Minicon 50 left off. As we continue the traditions of one of the Midwest's oldest SF cons, we also look forward to establishing new traditions with a new generation of fandom.

Minicon is a volunteer run, general science fiction convention held every year on Easter weekend in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minicon is run by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, or MNStF. Attendees of Minicon can expect to find a full slate of programming (panel discussions, readings, signings, etc), costuming, films, gaming (open and organized), a teen lounge, an art show, dealers, kids' programming, a science room, filk and folk music, a consuite and bar, room parties, and various special events.

Guests of Honor

Seanan McGuire - Author

Seanan McGuire (pronounced SHAWNen MickGWEYEur) grew up to be every parent's dream: an author and a filker. However, she fulfilled so many author/filker's starryeyed dreams by becoming wildly successful and nominated for many awards, gaining critical success and many avid fans. Read more.

Sara Butcher Burrier - Artist

Sara Butcher Burrier grew up in Iowa, and despite everyone's impression that all Iowans are farmers, grew up to be an artist. She attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. After Minnesota and Iowa, she headed off to the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Read more.

Lojo Russo - Musician

Lojo Russo has been orbiting the 'Con biospheres since her first days as the bass player in the awesomely, classic-jam-rock quintet known as, 'Cats Laughing'. Three of the original members of 'Cats Laughing' - Emma Bull, Steven Brust and Adam Stemple - are best known for their wonderfully crafted SF/F novels. Read more.



Here's the t-shirt, the front (the design), the front (a photo of a shirt), and the back:

Minicon 51 t-shirt front Minicon 51 t-shirt front Minicon 51 t-shirt back

It's On!

Minicon is happening!! Come join us! Check out our at-con pubs to see what's happening.

Pre-registration has closed

Pre-registration for Minicon 51 has closed. You'll still be able to register at the door. Please check the registration page for more details.

Guests of Honor

We are proud to announce the Minicon 51 guests of honor: author Seanan McGuire, artist Sara Butcher Burrier, and musician Lojo Russo,

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