Minicon 34 - April 2-4, 1999 - Minneapolis Hilton and Towers and Hotel - Minneapolis, Minnesota


[2017 11 27] Here's a photo of the t-shirt. It's the front; the back is blank:

Small photo of the Minicon 34 t-shirt

[2010 03 24] The Minicon 34 Program Book, Minicon 34 Pocket Program, and Minicon 34 Bookstore Guide are now all available here (or rather, back there where I linked to them).

Creative Commons License Except as noted below The Minicon 34 Program Book, Minicon 34 Pocket Program and Minicon 34 Bookstore Guide by The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Jeff Schalles, Laramie Sasseville, & Ken Fletcher are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This overrides the original copyright notice in the document. Exceptions: Art by ATom (Arthur Thompson) and William Rotsler is free to reproduce for fannish (non-commercial) purposes. Art by Denise Boie is © Denise Boie. Text by Denny Lien is © Denny Lien and reproduced here by permission.

Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper's wonderful Minicon 34 Restaurant Guide (which was nominated for a Hugo award) is now available for download as a PDF file.

Minicon 34 is now over. If you went, what did you think? What would you like to see improved or added for next year? Please come to the Minicon 34 post mortem to talk about this stuff. It starts at 1:30pm on Saturday April 17th at the Hosmer Library Community Room located at 347 E. 36th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can call Geri Sullivan at 612-825-3558 for further information.

Progress Report #3 was mailed on January 10th. The online version is now available.

Progress Report #2 was mailed on October 4th. You can also read it online.

Progress Report #1 [scan added 2016 06 19] was mailed on August 2nd.

Registration / More information
Adult Attending memberships are $70 at the door. Child (age 12 & under) memberships are $30 at the door. Registration hours are Friday from 10am to 10pm and Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

Hotel / More information
Contrary to recent tradition, Minicon 34 will be held at the Minneapolis Hilton and Towers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. This is a wonderful facility for Minicon, and we're very excited about the move.

Volunteering / More information
We need you to make Minicon happen! Want to meet new people and have a grand time? Volunteer to work on Minicon. Stop by the Volunteer table at the convention or send us email.

Childcare / More information
Interested in what the kids are doing while the adults are playing at Minicon this year? Want to be part of the action? Check out Minicon Childcare!

Programming / More information
The program grid and program item list are now available.

Art Show and Auction / More information
The Minicon 34 Art Show will allow photomechanical reproductions (commonly known as prints) to be exhibited, and prints may be bid to auction.

Hucksters Room / More information
The Minicon 34 Hucksters Room will once again be huge, well-lit, accessible, and will offer the widest possible range of products to entice speculative fiction enthusiasts.

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You can contact the Minicon 34 Executive Council via email to or via the Minicon postal address. You can also talk to individual members of the Minicon 34 committee at Minn-stf meetings, Minicon meetings, Minicon, or elsewhere.

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Minicon 34 zeppelin image by Geri Sullivan, from an illustration by Ken Fletcher.