Minicon 34 Childcare

Welcome to Minicon 34 Childcare! Come & play with us!

Childcare is open for all members ages 16 mos & up. Infants are welcome with an adult. We will be having a busy weekend, and would love for you to join us.

Activities include swimming, games, stories, live music. And anything else we can dream up. (Swimming will require a separate permission slip. We plan on going swimming Saturday afternoon.)

We are working on hiring professional care givers again this year, but are on the lookout for volunteers. We need people to come play, and people to keep Childcare safe. Security shifts run two hours, and are done sitting down. Please contact us if you are interested in doing an activity with a small group of children. Do you have a favorite story? How about a fun art project? We would love to have you.

We are also looking for two assistants. It would entail a small amount of work before hand, but mainly to serve as back up info and emergency hands for at the convention.

If you aren't comfortable with that, how about a donation? Childcare needs a changing table, some games for 3-5 year olds, 100 piece puzzles, a tape player and cassettes (stories or music would be great).

We will be open:
Friday 5pm-10pm
Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 12pm- 6pm
If you are interested in helping, please contact us at


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