Hucksters Room
By Alice Bentley
Hucksters Room Head & Council Member

Minicon is very pleased to welcome many returning hucksters and 13 newcomers this year, a few of whom are back after not being able to come for several years. Here are the fans and businesses who have tables in the Minicon 34 Hucksters Room:

Artifacts 3-D Art: pottery & armor
Black Dragon Books used books
Bronze Age Enterprizes jewelry
Captive Elements jewelry
David S. Cargo used books
Crossroads Bazaar stuff
Darlene P Coltrain & Steven Vincent Johnson jewelry & art
Dancing Wolf Studio clothing
Dodeka Records/The Secret Empire filk
The Dragon Never Sleeps books
DreamHaven Books & Comics books
Evenstar Bookstore metaphysics & pagan books
Felix Needleworthy costumes
Fo' Paws clothing & stuff; Minicon sales
Giovanna Fregni jewelry & art
Gemini Glass 3-D art: glass
Honeck Sculpture 3D art: bronze
Jabberwocky Graphix Brad Foster comics
Kyril's Cavern stuffed dragons+
LodesTone Audio Theatre radio/audio tapes
Erin McKee art & stationary
MO'R Designs rocks & minerals
Nene Tina Thomas Illustrations
Nyssa's Rainbow buttons, Dr. Who fanzines, trading cards+
Off World Designs airbrushed T-shirts
Pegasus Publishing T-shirts, licensed media merchandise
Philip Kaveny Bookseller books
Ravenwing Wearable Art fantasy jewelry
Sign of the Unicorn jewelry
Software Toys and Tees clothing
Tarot by Annie & Tamborines by Liz tarot readings, tamborines
Tatterdemalion Studios paper goods
20th Century Books books
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore books
Leo Watrin books
Whimsey Winks art
Michael Z. Williamson props: knives and swords
Robin Wood art
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Breakout by category:
BOOKS new and used: 9 hucksters, 27 tables
CLOTHING: 7 hucksters, 14 tables
JEWELRY: 6 hucksters, 7 tables
ART: 5 hucksters; 8 tables
3-D ART: 3 hucksters, 4 tables
AUDIO: 2 hucksters; 4 tables
MORE COOL STUFF: 7 hucksters; 17 tables

As you can see, we'll have a wide variety of interesting stuff! We've created a waiting list of interested hucksters and will assign any last few tables that might be available 4-6 weeks before Minicon, after the room layout is finalized with the hotel.

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