Our Guests - Writer: Octavia E. Butler - Fan:  Mark and Priscilla Olson - Bookseller:  David Nee

Octavia E. Butler
One of the strongest writers in contemporary SF. Octavia is winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Tiptree Awards. Author of the Patternist novels, the Xenogenesis series, the acclaimed Parable of the Sower, and of short fiction such as "Bloodchild": works that range from the 17th century to the far interstellar future, and possess an insightfulness, depth, and uncompromising clarity rare in any field of fiction. We are proud to bring this distinguished and fascinating writer to Minicon in 1999.

Mark and Priscilla Olson
A dynamic duo of fannish energy. Mark (who is secretly from Minnesota) chaired the 1989 Worldcon; these days he's a mainstay of NESFA Press, a leading fan-run SF specialty publisher. Priscilla Olson has overseen programming at two different Worldcons and several Boskones, and in her Copious Free Time is a gardener, fannish sociologist, and Legion of Superheroes fan. Each has (separately) chaired a Boskone. Together or apart, they're well-informed, approachable all-around fans with a great range of interests.

David Nee
A fount of knowledge about SF and bookselling. Dave has been a co-owner since 1977, and manager since 1988, of The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore in Berkeley, California: one of the oldest and most inşuential SF and fantasy bookstores in the world. Booksellers hold up half the sky, and we hope to hear more about the business (and lore) of SF from Dave's perspective at Minicon 34.

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