Parking Update
By Mitch Pockrandt
Hotel Liaison

The parking garage we had high hopes for arranging a special Minicon rate with is now owned or managed by the city, and somewhat less flexible as a result. They also have an event planned for Thursday and/or Friday which will keep them busy.

The surface lots, one of which is just catty-corner from the front of the hotel, charges $3 for normal evenings and weekends. We're afraid we'll get to learn about parking downtown on Easter weekend by direct experience. Any rabbits that we manage to pull out of hats between now and Minicon will be passed on to the Minicon Information table. But for now the standard urban survival skills (or the parking gods) will need to be invoked to find better prices.

Map of parking ramps near Hilton

Here's a little more information that's been collected by Minicon members (know more? let us know via email or stop by the Info Desk at the convention).

Please note:
- These are general rates, and are, as usual, subject to change.
- These are provided only as potentially useful information
(in an effort to assist urban survival skills or appease the parking gods), and do _NOT_ reflect any special Minicon rates.

Benson Parking   612-371-9444
    Parking after 6PM - $2.50
    Parking all day - $7.50 (6am-6pm)

Allright Parking   612-340-9025 (four lots, prices vary)
    Parking all day - $6.00 and up
    Parking weekends and evenings - $2.00 and up

A.D. Hays parking ramp (no phone, entrance located on Marquette one bloce north of Hilton, skyway connection to Hilton)
Parking after 4pm and all day Sat. and Sun. - $3.95

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Revised:   March 30, 1999
  by Laurel Krahn /