By Margo Bratton
Registration Head

Registration Rates (Rates go Up 2/14/99)
Membership Type:
At the door
Adult Attending $30 $40 $70
Child (age 12 & under) $15 $15 $30
Supporting $15 $15 N/A

How to register
Complete the form in this progress report and mail it along with your membership check (written in US currency on a $US account, payable to "Minicon"). The registration form is also available on the Minicon web page; however, you'll need to print it and mail it with your check. On-line registration is not available.

Minicon will send a confirmation of your membership to the address you provide on the registration form. We expect to mail confirmations first class no later than March 10, 1999 (and sooner, we hope; you can help by registering by October 31, which saves you money, too).

Coming to Minicon from a foreign country?
Fans living outside the US can pay at the door at the pre-registration rate. Please bring proof of foreign residency and pay in US dollars or travellers checks. We'd love to know you're coming; please send us your completed registration form and circle the rate you'll pay when you arrive ($30 or $40, depending on when you mail the form to us). Foreign fans who don't pre-register will be charged the $40 rate.

Have you moved?
If this PR was forwarded to you, please let Minicon know your current address by registering at this time or by sending us a change- of-address notice. Otherwise you may not receive future mailings.

Name badges
Your Minicon registration badge will have your first and last name on it as well as whatever badge name you choose (badge names are optional). If you have special needs for what goes on your badge, please include a note describing your requirements with your registration.

Supporting Memberships
Supporting members of Minicon 34 will receive progress reports published after they joined, and the convention program book and pocket program will be sent after Minicon. Supporting memberships can be converted to Attending for $25 at the door. If you think you'll come to Minicon but are short of cash right now, a supporting membership is a good way to avoid the high at-the-door rate. And it helps Minicon better estimate how many members we'll have, so we don't run out of program books, or munchies in the consuite.

Bounced checks
We expect to deposit all checks within one month of their receipt at the Minicon P.O. box. Bounced checks are subject to a $15 fee and must be cleared before you will be allowed to pick up your Minicon membership badge.

Over the past year, we have been making an attempt to clean up the Minicon database, and we sure could use your help. If you don't want to receive Minicon mailings any more, please let us know. If you're receiving duplicate Minicon mailings and don't need to, please let us know. If you're receiving Minicon mailings for someone who doesn't live at your address anymore, please let us know. If we have your name or address wrong but the mailings have still been making their way to you, please let us know. And if you're reading a friend's mailing because you're not on the list and you want to be, please let us know! In addition, check out our "Lost Souls" list at:

We'd like current addresses of as many of these people as possible! Let us know by via email: or via snailmail, at: Registration, Minicon 34, PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408. Please include both the old address and new address for any changes. You may have already tried giving us this information before. If so, our apologies. Please try again--we think we now have better systems in place to make sure address changes get handled correctly. Thanks!

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