Art Jam

Theresa Nielsen Hayden, the head of Programming, says "There will be an Art Jam at the convention. Do you think it would be appropriate to mention this on the web page so that any artists who're interested will know to bring their art supplies?"

Yes, I do. So there it is. -- dd-b

Art Show (artist info)

The info packet that was sent to artists on our mailing list is also available online here. Each piece is in postscript (which you can print if you have a postscript printer, or by using a software utility such as GhostView), and in HTML that you can view directly in your browser.

  Art Show Letter HTML Postscript
  Art Show Rules HTML Postscript
  Art Show Form HTML Postscript
  Control Sheet HTML
  Print Shop Control Sheet HTML

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Last Updated: April 4, 2000