Hucksters Room

The Hucksters Room is full. We've started a waiting list; if you'd like to be added to it or to receive Hucksters information next year, please write to the P.O. Box or to

Here are the fans and businesses who have tables in the Minicon 35 Hucksters Room:

Anne Griffin-Lewin Costumes, jewelry
Annie Paschall-Zimbel Tarot Readings
Bill Johnson
Cloak and Dagger Weapons, t-shirts, movie props and more
Darlene P Coltrain Art, jewelry, hand painted silk
Darlene Ney Jewelry
Dodeka Records Music
DreamHaven Books & Comics Books
Dusty Griffiths Jewelry
Evenstar Bookstore Books, tarot decks, statues and more
Fantanimals Puzzles, woodwork
Felix Needleworthy costumes
Giovanna Fregni Jewelry, gemstones
Glenn Cook Books
Honeck Sculpture Sculpture
Joan Marie Verba
John Jamison Books
Kristina Drake Children's clothes, jewelry, buttons
Kyril's Cavern Toys
Laurie Edison Jewelry
Leo Watrin Books
Lioness (Elise Matthesen) Jewelry
MO'R Designs Minerals, meterorites, jewelry
Nonie Rider Doll Clothes
Off World Designs T-shirts
Philip Kaveny Bookseller Books
Robin Wood Books, tarot decks
Sandy Darst Jewelry
Sarah Dorman Jewelry
Stephanie Lasley
Steve Salaba T-shirts, toys
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore Books

Greetings to Hucksters, Dealers and Purveyors of Fine Fantastic Artifacts!

At the bottom of this page are links to the Minicon Huckster Room Application for Minicon 35. There are a few minor changes from last year, the main one being that the huckster's room will be moved from the room it was in to the center room (where main programming was last year). Not to worry, we'll have the same wonderful accoustics and generous space as the last time.

All you have to do is fill out the application and mail it in with your check (sorry, e-mails and faxes of checks just don't work... yet...). We will send out confirmations at the end of November (right after we recover from Thanksgiving). Your check will not be cashed until we send out the confirmation for your table. If, in the event, you do not get a table for Minicon, your check will be returned.

Maps to the hotel, maps for navigating inside the hotel and other needed information will be sent out with the confirmation letters.

Lastly, we will need to have your Minnesota Tax ID number on hand. It is a state law that we have this and since we are in the middle of downtown Minneapolis, it would be far too easy for someone from the state to drop by and say 'Hi'. If you don't already have one, MN Tax ID numbers are free and the application can be handled over the phone. If for some reason you don't get a chance to get through to the department, we will have applications on hand for you to fill out.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you and hope to see you next spring!

Giovanna Fregni

Hucksters application as Microsoft Word document.

Hucksters application to print from your browser.

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