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Minicon is back at the DoubleTree Park Place in Saint Louis Park, MN.

Minicon is once again at the DoubleTree Park Place in Saint Louis Park, at 394 and 100. This is up the road from the where we used to be, so make sure that you come to the right place.

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Room Rates and Booking

Single or double occupancy rates are as follows - Regular rooms are $89 per night, Suites (near the pool) are $119 per night, Whirlpool rooms (very limited quantity) $119, Executive Level Rooms (Near Consuite) $109.

The cut off date for these rates is Thursday, March 28, 2019. PLEASE get your hotel registration in before March 28. You very probably will end up paying a higher rate if your hotel room is not reserved by March 28.

Parties will be located in the suites facing the pool.

For any desired room type, go to the DoubleTree website and book a regular room. If you'd another type of room, after booking the regular room, do one of the following:

  1. If you’d like to host a party, please contact .
  2. If you’d like a suite or an executive level room, please contact .

We are in the process of determining how many rooms need to be set aside for Minicon (green room, teen room, parties, other). You may not hear that you have a non-regular room immediately, but someone should contact you within a week to let you know that your request was received.

Important information about the suites - Suites will be allocated by Minicon’s hotel department in a way that makes sense. In order to fulfill our arrangement to make noise in our gaming space at night, we must fill the suites. Parties and Minicon functional rooms will have priority.

Last year, we had more requests for suites than we had available rooms. If you’re flexible about reserving a suite (willing to take one, but also willing to take a regular room if the suite area fills), please let Hotel know. If you’d just really like one, please also let Hotel know, and understand that you still may not get a suite if they’re already assigned to other uses.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Minneapolis - Park Place

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