C'ntraction was a Minnstf fallcon, held 13–15 November 1987 at the Days Inn in Roseville.

Patrick Lucien Price was the guest of honor and Val Lies chaired it.

Rune 77 tells us that a board meeting was held there on Saturday and, "An informal State of the Art Report on C'ntraction projected that it would break even or come close to doing so." Otherwise, we don't have much information about it!

Ok, and Rune 78 says "Re C'ntraction finances: 'We got a refund from Coca-Cola as well, so (the) final, final really truly final for sure financial report is still tentative.'". So there was Coke at the con!

Eventually, we should have a scan of the program here.


Here's one.

C'ntraction 1 badge, reading 'C'ntraction' at the top in a, I guess, '80s computery font, with a hollow-lined border. 'Dave Romm' handwritten.