*with Don abstaining

*with Don abstaining
was a Minn-stf fallcon held 21–23 October 1988. It was in the Hotel Seville, Bloomington, MN. There was no GoH.

Karen Cooper did parties, a.k.a. consuite. Jan Applebaum's title was "Suzerain of Cost and Caution" (i.e. bookkeeper).

Karen goes on to say "It was at the crazy hotel with all the themed suites on 494 in Bloomington. Maybe... Nate was hotel? or something? Sharon and Elise did programming? I don't remember any more."


Here's one. The thing on the right is a hologram, which obviously does not scan very well.

Consensus* badge: On the left, a flower at the top of a vine with 'Consensus*' woven about it and '*With Don abstaining' at the bottom. At the top handwritten 'David'.  On the right a big hologram of a crown.


Small image of the address side of a Consensus* *with Don Abstaining flyer | Small image of the non-address side of a Consensus* *with Don Abstaining flyer

Text-only rendering of the address side and other side.

Program Book

small image of the Consensus* *with Don Abstaining program book coverHere's a PDF of the program book, and here are individual page images (higher resolution than in the PDF): front cover | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | back cover.

The handwriting on the last page is part of the program book, not just written on this copy.

Dave Romm says "the flyers and Program Book for Consensus* [were] done on a Mac SE with the exciting new technology of Clip Art. Probably done in Word. Except for the 'You Are Here' cover, which was done in [MacDraw or MacPaint], iirc. We printed a lot of the arrows, which served as room signs at the hotel, and were around in other forms for a while. An idea stolen from a Ziggy comic. The handwriting on the last page is mine."

The Consensus* flyer and program book are in the public domain due to having been published between 1978 and March 1989 without a copyright notice or subsequent copyright registration.

*with Don abstaining