Maxicon 1

Maxicon 1 was a Minnstf fallcon, held 23–25 September 1983. It was at the Midway Motor Inn, St. Paul. The entry in the Minnstf calendar read:

Fri 23 Sept:  Maxicon.  Midway Motor Inn, 1964 University Av, St.
Paul MN.   $3 supporting/converting, $7 through 9/16/83 (Maxicon,
P.O. Box 2128, Loop Stn., MPLS MN 55402), $12 at door.  Info from
Co-Chairs  Rick Gellman and Denise Nelson, 718 8th Av SE, MPLS MN
55414; 623-9646. 1.1

Where "1.1" was a code for "Smoking, and possession/carrying of lit smoking materials (that includes "it'll go out in a minute") limited to certain areas."


We have some cryptic notes stuffed at the top of a sheet of paper (in a binder of mostly board minutes) mostly about Maxicon 2 finances, which seem to say that there were 130 paying members of Maxicon 1, 26 comped "entertainers" and 10-15 "crashers". It gives the income as $918, and since the pre-reg cost was $7, that would imply that all but one or two of those 130 pre-reg'd. That both sounds unrealistic, and also doesn't come out to an integer. Anyway, we generally count comps towards membership totals, but we don't count ghosts/crashers, so that puts the total membership, theoretically, at 156. Somewhat lower would make more sense with the income figure.


Here's one. Presumably the stickers are after-market. They are all holographic and look much better in real life than in the scan. Under the stickers, it says "MAXICON" at the top, "MIPPLE" down the left, "St. IPPLE" down the right, and "1983" at the bottom.

Maxicon 1 badge, reading 'MAXICON MIPPLE St. IPPLE 1993' with handwritten 'Dave' and lots of holographic stickers


small image of the Maxicon 1
mailer, main side | small image of the Maxicon 1
mailer, address side

Confirmation Card

small image of the Maxicon 1
confirmation card, main side | small image of the Maxicon 1
confirmation card, address side
And a text version of the card.