Not-Anokon '85

Not-Anokon '85 was a Minnstf fallcon, held 4–6 October 1985.


[Dave Romm's Not-Anokon '85 badge, saying 'Not an Old Khan' and 'Not-Anokon 85']


Here's a photo of the front of the t-shirt. The back is blank:

Small photo of the 1985 Not-Anokon t-shirt front


Small image of the front of a Not-Anokon '85 flyer | Small image of the back of a Not-Anokon '85 flyer


We originally listed the name of this con as it is now listed: "Not-Anokon '85", but we don't remember why. Then there was a lot of discussion about what the name really was. It is the third Minnstf convention called "Not-Anokon", and Beth F thought that maybe they called it "Not-Anokon 3", but also maybe not. David Dyer-Bennet attested that naming a con after the calendar year would have been "all wrong" for us during this period. The available primary sources were just the flyer and t-shirt, which both call it just "Not-Anokon". On this basis, I changed the listed name to just "Not-Anokon" (noting that it was the one in 1985).

Then in 2017, I found a set of board minutes calling it "Not-Anokon 1985", and later Dave Romm's badge calling it 'Not-Anokon "85"'. So I'm splitting the difference and have decided that "Not-Anokon '85" is a reasonable thing to call it after all.


The Scribblies were interviewed at this Not-Anokon. According to the notes for the Shockwave tape "Dave Romm interviews: The Scribblies", the interview was "poolside, the only place large enough to hold everyone. The multi-microphone interview was engineered by Gordon Garb, and remastered into two segments for airplay [on Shockwave] by Dave Romm." The interview on tape is titled "The origin of The Scribblies, and what goes on at meetings".