Our Philosophy:

"Cogitamus Ergo Festivamus"

We want to recapture the best aspects of small conventions of the past, while looking forward and incorporating issues and interests of the 90's and beyond. We like to think. We also like to have fun. We fancy our convention silly and constructive. We especially treasure and want to encourage a sense of the community of fandom. We love to talk: about science fiction, about new things in the world, about social implications of technology; about social consciousness in science fiction; about outer and inner space. We love to play and we make lots of music.

"We think, therefore we party!"

How did Not-A-ReinCONation go?

What is planned for ReinCONation 7?

What went on at ReinCONation 6?

What was ReinCONation V like?

ReinCONation is sponsored by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc.

This page last updated 11/4/97.