Supercon 2

Supercon 2 was a Minnstf convention held 22–24 January 1993. We don't know much about it. The 24 June 1992 board minutes published in Rune 84, which say that the board approved $250 seed money for it and 21 June 1993 minutes talk about Supercon bills that we need to pay.

Although the Superbowl was January 31, Supercon 2 wasn't that weekend. The "Jannish Fanuary 1993" issue of the Einblatt says:

SuperCon II (Jan. 22-24). Park Inn in Duluth MN (800-777-8560). GoH Martin Shaffer. Rooms are $59/night. Prereg postmark deadline is Jan. 10th for $16 adult rates: o/w $25 at the door (kids $5 anytime). Checks (to: Minnesota Science Fiction Society) to: SuperCon II / PO Box8297 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408-8297. (NOTE Prereg date change from 1st)

While Supercons are still being held (e.g. Supercon 18 in 2011), only Supercons 1 and 2 were Minnstf conventions, with the rest spun off through a mechanism currently unknown to the archivist writing this page.

Supercon 1 and 2 are the only two conventions run by Minn-stf (as far as the archivist knows) that were neither Minicons nor fallcons.