Code of Conduct

Please play nice with others. If you don't, others may feel the need to intervene (up to and including the Con staff removing you from the Con without a refund) and no one wants that.

For those of you who need some more info about what not playing nice with others might entail:

Harassment is difficult to define, and attempts at an exact definition are subject to rules-lawyering, so we won't attempt to do that. In the end, harassment is judged primarily by the person who feels harassed. Repeated unwelcome behaviors are most likely to be construed as harassment. If someone asks you not to touch them, not to talk to them, or not to refer to them in a way that they find objectionable, and you persist in doing so, you may be harassing them. Actions are more important than intent.

Thank you and have a great time at the Con!


A number of registrants have chemical/fragrance sensitivities and we are requesting that the event space be as fragrance-free as possible. Please limit your use of perfume, cologne, scented fabric softeners, air-fresheners, hair-spray, scented lotions, scented shampoos, etc., as such products may trigger allergic reactions, cause health problems, and/or limit some con members ability to participate in the con. Thank you for your understanding and for any extra effort you may need to take to comply with this request. (If you are unsure if your products will be OK, always go with "unscented" when you have an option and feel free to ask. Thanks!)