By e-mail

During the convention, most of us will not be checking our e-mail. Or, if we are, we are still unlikely to see your message in time for it to be useful. Please find us around the hotel instead. If you need a particular person, ask at registration or in the consuite.

All addresses are

  • Chair (Keith Malgren, Kevin Austin and Joel Phillips): chair@
  • Art Show: artshow@
  • Costuming: costuming@
  • Dealers: dealers@
  • Film Room: filmroom@
  • Gaming: gaming@
  • Music: music@
  • Parties: parties@
  • Programming: programming@
  • Publications: publications@
  • Registration: registration@
  • Webmaster: webmaster@
  • All other inquiries: request@

By LiveJournal

There is a LiveJournal community for Minicon (comments and conversation before, during, and after the convention) at, and there is also a mnstf LJ community.

By paper mail

Minicon 45
P.O. Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408